How do we measure up in the eyes of a Holy God? If you ask most people if they think they are a good person, you will probably hear a lot of them say something like this: “Yes, I think I’m a pretty good person. I’m better than a lot of other people I know. At least I haven’t killed anybody….”

They compare themselves with other people, not with the standard of God’s perfection.

But God says, “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” Romans 3:23

We are all in the same boat.

That is why Jesus had to come and die for us.

He loved us and wanted us to live with Him for eternity, but not in our sinful state. We needed to be forgiven and changed; we needed to be given a new nature.

So He came, God in human flesh, the only perfect man ever, so that He might take our penalty for our own sin upon Himself, who had no sin of His own.

He did this so that He would be able to pardon anyone who would believe on Him and receive His pardon.

This is the free gift that He offers still today.

But even though many of us have come to Him on His terms, receiving His free gift of salvation, we so quickly forget our former self, and start patting ourselves on the back, like we got where we are on our own merits instead of on the merits of the perfect Son of God.

We so quickly want to whitewash our present sins, call them “little sins”, when actually we have grieved and offended our Heavenly Father, the Almighty God with each sin we have committed.

I’ve been thinking about God’s mercy,how great it is.  If I have lived over 52 years, I have lived around 19,000 or more days. If I sinned (even “little sins”) ten times per day, I’ve sinned over 190,000 times.

But then, how do we calculate the magnitude of a sin? If I snap at a family member for one second, does it count for less than throwing a 15 minute tantrum? And what about pouting for three days? Does each minute count as a sin?? If so, and if we were to calculate each minute of the waking hours of those days as a sin, (allowing 8 hours for sleep each night) we would be sinning 2,880 times in just 3 days, not to mention the sins of letting the sun go down on our wrath, or maybe omitting to show kindness to those around us because we are in a bad mood. At any rate, we can see that sin can pile up pretty high, pretty fast.

I don’t write this to give us all guilt complexes, but to remind us that there is a reason that we need to humble ourselves daily under the mighty hand of God, confessing our sins and trusting Him to forgive us through the blood of Jesus Christ.

He knows that we are but dust.

He knows we are weak, and longs to strengthen us if we will just remember to let Him.

And He will forgive us every time we come to Him agreeing with Him that, yes, what we did was bad in His eyes, not just a little sin, and we are sorry. 

Praise God for His abundant forgiveness!

And because of His forgiveness toward us, we would do well to recognize that the offenses that others have done against us are like anthills compared to the mountain of our offenses against God. (Matthew 18:23-33)  We must forgive as He has forgiven us.

Since He has shown us mercy, we must also show mercy.  Since He has shown us grace, we must also offer grace.  It is hard sometimes, but when we are weak, we can be strong through His strength in us. (2 Cor. 12:10)


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