Unwise Exchange – Tame vs. Lame

So, I’m praising the Lord that I survived another October.  It’s a long story for another time.  I felt so much spiritual attack that I had no desire to write anything.  But, praise God, November 1st I woke up ready to write again!

Anyway, on Halloween night, my youngest daughter and I participated in a Halloween alternative at our church called “Journey Through the Bible”.  She and I told the story of Adam and Eve and the forbidden fruit over and over and over again.  As we told the story each new time, the following thoughts began to form and solidify in my mind:

  1. Adam and Eve only had ONE RULE to follow.  Only ONE!  They had NO Concept of how their disobedience would cause the rest of humanity to fall under TEN commandments, hundreds of religious laws, or thousands of civil laws.  Only one rule, can you believe it?  And they still didn’t obey it.
  2. They disobeyed God when they disobeyed His one rule.  I’ve wondered numerous times what this world would be like if they had obeyed instead of disobeying.  But if Satan was intent on ruining God’s new world and becoming its new ruler, I imagine he would have kept trying until either they or one of their children disobeyed.  I used to think (it’s all hindsight for us, after all) that I would have done better.  Pride, I know, sorry.  But the older I get, the more I realize that we all are just as susceptible to being fooled or just outright choosing to disobey.
  3. Death came because of sin.  I don’t think Adam and Eve had any concept of all the death that would occur because of their disobedience to that one rule.

    S/W Ver: 9E.01.16R
    They lived in a beautiful paradise.

They lived in a beautiful paradise. All the animals were tame.  Adam had named them all.  They could go up to an elephant and hitch a ride on his trunk and lean over to pet the tiger and scratch him behind his ears and kiss him on the nose.  The bunnies and the lambs grazed in the same parts of the garden as the lions without being afraid.  Adam and Eve could watch the peacocks display their feathers and maybe hold a baby cheetah in their arms.

Too bad they chose to hang around the tree with the forbidden fruit.  It’s not like they had nothing else to do, nothing else to occupy their time!

But with their disobedience came shame and hiding and blaming someone else, all in the same day.

And I wonder how long it took before the lion decided the lamb would make a tasty meal.  I imagine it wasn’t very long because, as God said, sin brought death.  Death passed to all men (Rom. 5:12), but somehow death also came to the animal and plant kingdoms as well (Rom. 8:18-22).

I guess if I were to take away one practical principle from this, it would be this:

Don’t hang around gazing with curiosity at that which is forbidden.  It is forbidden for a good reason.  It’s bad for you.  It’s bad for me.  And its bad effects will not stop with you or me.  Partaking of that fruit will cause much more far-reaching effects than we could ever imagine in that moment.  It has the potential to cripple us or even destroy us, and it can do the same to those whose lives we touch, like a malevolent stone dropped in the water causing ripples far from the point of impact.

So, let’s get on with communing with God and performing the responsibilities and privileges that He has given us to do.

Let’s believe that He has our best interests at heart and walk in obedience to Him today and always.

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2 thoughts on “Unwise Exchange – Tame vs. Lame

  1. I had never considered the thought of all the animals living in harmony in Eden… Thanks for the fresh take on an age old story! And yes, even though I long for simplicity– I know it still probably wouldn’t be easier to obey unless my heart’s in the right place with the Lord. Praying your November is filled with Christ’s fullness of love and words!

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    1. Some day God will make everything right again. It will be wonderful; I can’t wait! But in the meantime, I still have to struggle against the old nature and strive to keep on keeping on in right relationship with God, my Creator. It really does help when people are praying for us, so thanks so much, Heather!
      May the Lord bless you and uphold you as well! 🙂

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