A BIG Reason for Giving Thanks

Some time ago, as I was reading about an ex-prisoner, I was impressed by a phrase he used in his prayers: “I am a sinner, and apart from You I can do nothing.”

These words resonated in my soul, and since that time I have spoken them many times to the Lord in my own prayers. They express a heartfelt recognition of who I am compared to who He is.

So, this morning I added to this the following thoughts:

I am saved, and it’s totally by His grace. He is my Savior. I did nothing to save myself, and I can do nothing to keep myself saved. He did it all for me and offered salvation to me as a gift.

I am redeemed, and He is my Redeemer. I was in the slave market of sin. He came in and bought me, took me out of the slave market, and set me free.

I am an ex-prisoner, of sorts, myself (not from a physical prison, but from a spiritual one), and He paid my pardon and set me free! But the pardon that He paid cost Him His lifeblood. It should have been me on that cross paying for my own sin. And even that would not have been enough to satisfy the justice of a Holy God. I was doomed.

But He paid the debt I could not pay. How thankful I am for that!

I am God’s child, and He is my Father. He gave me a new birth into His spiritual forever family. He also chose me for adoption; I am His child forever!  Becoming an older and more mature child of His never carries with it an idea of becoming independent some day. Rather, it means that I get to draw closer to Him as I realize how much I need Him and must depend on Him for every situation.

I am His child, and He is my Father, and He goes with me everywhere I go, and I find comfort in that fact. He holds my hand when I need Him to, picks me up when I fall, and holds me close to His heart when I am hurting. I always know He loves me and is there for me even when everybody else I know is too busy.

Dear Lord, I am a sinner, and apart from You I can do nothing. I was lost, and You found me and saved me totally by Your grace. I was enslaved to sin, and You redeemed me. I was held prisoner by sin, and You paid my pardon and set me free! You saw through all the filthy gunk to what I could be, and You cleaned me up and made me Your forever child. I praise You, Lord! Thank You for loving me so much!

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14 thoughts on “A BIG Reason for Giving Thanks

  1. YES. YES. YES! If this was the only thing about us, it would be more than enough for eternity to sing God’s praises and wonder at His love! I think I forget this and that’s why I become ungrateful or complaining at times.

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    1. You’re right, Emily! Purposely remembering is the best way around the forgetting. Our default mode is to forget what He has done for us. We have to purposely reset our attitudes to “remembering” and “being thankful” every morning when our “computer” brain wakes up. Now to be intentional to do that….


  2. This is a beautiful prayer! I’ve been thinking over the last few days about Jesus saying he is the vine and we are the branches- apart from him we can do nothing. It is important to remember how much he has done for us and how much we need him.

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