Bask in the Sunshine of His Love

The sun shines every day.

Sometimes the clouds come between us and the sun
So we can no longer see it,
But the sun is still shining!

Sometimes cold winds blow and bring with them clouds full of
Disagreeable and even dangerous precipitation,
But the sun is still shining!

Even as inches of snow fall
Covering everything in a blanket of white,
The sun goes on shining faithfully,
Somewhere up there.

Sometimes it seems that the skies are gray and dreary
Day after day,
So much so,
That if we did not believe
That each new day brings with it
Hope of sunshine, beautiful sunshine,
We might well sink into the depths of despair.

There exists a sunshine even more faithful and beautiful
Than the sunshine we see with our eyes.
This Son-shine is the love of the Son of God.
He stands with outstretched arms
Offering hope, comfort and forgiveness to a world lost in sin-storms,
Where broken hearts calcify with bitterness,
And unfeeling people take advantage of the poor and helpless,
And millions of people bury themselves in their hard work and busy schedules,
Knowingly or unknowingly
Refusing to face who they really are,
Unwilling to face the problems of their hearts,
Sometimes because it hurts their pride,
Sometimes because they just don’t know what to do
With what they find there.

All this darkness and whirlwind
Seems to hide the Son,
But He is still shining!

We hear of wars, and famines, and crime,
And the icy hand of fear clutches our hearts,
Or the cloudy skies of indifference and denial
Spread themselves out in our souls as far as the eye can see.
But the love of the Son of God is still shining
As He stands there waiting
To be invited by each individual to come in and do a clean-up job of the soul.

It may be a little harder to believe in this Son
Because the clouds and storms have lasted more than a couple of weeks;
More than likely they have lasted a life-time.

The Son wants to clear away the darkness and whirlwinds and
Ice and clouds and calcification
So that each one who believes may at long last
Bask in the sunshine of His love!

Oh how wonderful it is
To feel the sunshine of His love bringing warmth to the soul!
What a joy and peace of mind is readily available
Even amidst the storms of life
To those who will entrust their hearts
To Jesus Christ
The loving Son of God!

(From my old journal – January 27, 1993)

I remember more than once, looking out the window of an airplane as it ascended through one layer after another of clouds.  Before takeoff, the sky seemed so dark, but after breaking through the fourth and final layer of clouds, the sun was SO BRIGHT, shining continuously on the tops of the entire cloud blanket below.

So, in our lives of every day, we have a choice of perspectives.  Will we choose to focus on the ground level perspective of what we can see with our eyes?  Or will we choose to focus on a heavenly perspective of what we can see by faith?

“Now faith is … assurance about what we do not see.  And without faith it is impossible to please God…”  Hebrews 11:1,6a



4 thoughts on “Bask in the Sunshine of His Love

  1. Thanks, Anne Marie! I can almost see you and hear you say that! You are such a great encourager! May the Son shine on brightly in your heart no matter what! Keep trusting – your daily service for the King counts, and He will reward you richly! 🙂


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