Identity: Lost and Found

Identity- Lost and Found by Ruth Campos

One of the biggest problems with becoming the ex-wife of an ex-missionary, and myself believing myself to be an ex-missionary, is a loss of identity (identity theft of a different sort).

· I lost my husband – I was his ex-favorite,

· I lost my job and financial support,

· I lost my residence,

· I lost my country of residence,

· I lost my family-in-law. Suddenly, they were my ex-family.

· I lost a lot of my possessions because I could not bring them all with me.

The only things I did not lose were my faith, my children, and for the next several years, my health. I had regained my parents and childhood home, but everything was different, and I suffered a prolonged negative re-entry culture shock.

Suddenly I found myself as a single mom, going back to school to be a teacher. So, here I was, a single mom of three bereaved children, and feeling like I had been plunked into a time warp, a split adult/childhood role. I had to find the new me.

(Note: This post is a little different from others in that only part of it is here on my blog. The rest of it is on my blogging friend, Andrea’s blog where I am her guest, so you have to click the link below to go to her blog to finish reading it.)

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Jesus Understands our suffering
Jesus Understands our suffering


God was, and still is, my Big Hero.  He carried me through all the muck and mire…

Jesus understood that one can be lonely but find all the love one needs to carry on in God.

Be encouraged; He still understands today!


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