God’s “Blog”

When I go to all the trouble to write down what’s on my heart, it can sometimes be disappointing to find that very few people take the time to read what I’ve written. I know people are busy; I’m busy too. We have to choose how we are going to spend our time, and sometimes that means that we don’t have time to read what someone else has written. And that’s okay. Only sometimes we really could benefit from reading other people’s experiences with God, yet do not, because of not having put forth the effort.

But the thought crossed my mind that God went to a LOT of trouble to write HIS story, and I’m pret-ty sure that there aren’t as many people reading HIS thoughts as HE would like either!

He wants to speak comfort to some, but they don’t give Him a call to see what He longs to say.

He wants to give guidance to others, but they stumble around in the dark and spend a lot more time on detours than if they had just stopped to ask God for directions.

Yes, that’s women too!  🙂

He wants to impart wisdom to all, but sadly, many of us lean on our own understanding rather than taking the time to find out what God has to say about it and leaning on Him instead.

I wonder if He is disappointed when He waits day after day in that special spot where His Word sits on a table or shelf, waiting to meet with us as we run past Him without even glancing His way.

God’s “blog” is the most important blog of all.  It was originally written on stone tablets, papyrus, parchments, and scrolls.  Then it was transferred to paper.  And now we can read it on our phones, tablets, and computer screens.  He has communicated with us in a written form, but for us to get the memo, we have to read it!  (Oh, that’s right, and there’s audio, another privilege that some prefer.)

I think we often forget what an awesome privilege it is to be accepted as a member of the most Royal Family in the world, to have an open line of communication with the King of the Universe who is our Father!  We get into our little or big agendas without ever consulting Him to find out if what we are planning is in line with His wise counsel.  Then we get upset with HIM when our plans fail.  Oh the insanity of all that!  But we have all been guilty of it at some time or other.  😦

We forget that we are among a privileged few in the world who actually know how to read and have a copy (or two or three…) of the Word of God at our fingertips.

We don’t spend time with our Father to our own detriment.

But it doesn’t stop there.  When we don’t spend time reading His “blog”, we make decisions and say things we shouldn’t that affect other people and do not further the kingdom of God.

We DO read God’s word to our own benefit, help, strength, peace, comfort, joy, and so on, and that, in turn, helps us to further God’s kingdom and bring hope to others.

So, even if you never read another one of MY blog posts, I hope you will be more faithful to read the “Blog of God” and find the ongoing joy of walking in close communion with Him who knows you best but loves you most!

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3 thoughts on “God’s “Blog”

  1. Wow. This really hits home…. “I wonder if He is disappointed when He waits day after day in that special spot where His Word sits on a table or shelf, waiting to meet with us as we run past Him without even glancing His way.” What a picture. And a vivid reminder of the truth. Thank you for writing this post.

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  2. I once heard the example of God sitting in your living room waiting to visit with you. You can walk by and ignore Him or stop for a visit with the King of kings. It helped me take more time to sit with Him and His Word.

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