God shows up when we pray

The other day God showed up in a special way.

He woke me up early to pray about a huge, complicated set of problems that I needed to walk through with a friend, problems that were too huge and overwhelming for either of us to solve. These problems fell into the category of “Only God can solve this.” It felt so calming to just be unburdening myself as I sat with God and let Him put His arm around me. He gave me a lovely peace, and faith that He would do it.

A little later I sat with this friend and was able to share with her what God had given to me, and we read a couple of Psalms together: Psalm 31 and 32. Then we prayed together in faith that the Lord would lead us, give us wisdom, and show us favor.

So, we went out together to do what had to be done, and the Lord went before us. He literally cleared the way and truly showed us favor and sent all the help that we needed for the day’s problems to be solved!

The Lord gave us lovely moments of seeing things fall into place in answer to our prayers!

I’ve learned through the years that if you ask someone to do something for you, and they do it, the right thing to do is to say thank you. That includes God. When He listens to our prayers and comes through for us in such an obvious way (or even when it’s not so obvious), the right thing to do is to say, “Thank You, God! You are so good! We love You!”
Praise to our God who cares and who answers prayer!

What I am struggling with now, though, is that after all that walking with God, even though He was muscling away all the huge obstacles, my frail human body has decided that it is tired, whether I want it to be or not.  And my mind so easily derailed from the “God is Awesome” train last night, it was almost like it went into a tunnel in the mountain and made a wrong turn and hit that sliding board on number 87 on the Chutes and Ladders ® board game that takes you back to square twenty-four.

Fortunately, a good night’s sleep and some nudging of the Holy Spirit and time alone with Him has helped me climb a couple of ladders again.  But really, how is it that we so quickly go from “Thank You, God!” to “Woe is me!”?

I think the main reason can be described in one word:


I got my eyes off the Savior and looked at my own mountain.  Could it be that after all God has taught me, I still cling to some delusory idea that my own health is something I should be able to control without God?

I sure wish I could just learn this lesson once and for all:

God is in control.  NONE OF IT IS MINE TO CONTROL!  Not even my health.  Of course, I need to take care of my body, since it is the temple of the Holy Spirit, but if I serve God to the point of exhaustion, then I still need to focus on Him and at least be at peace in my spirit and at rest in my soul, and the body will follow along behind.

So today, I choose to focus on God, on how wonderful and loving He is, and how He is in control of EVERYthing.

Today, I rejoice that He LISTENS to my prayer!

I rejoice that He has answered my prayers and that He is able and willing to continue to do so!

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7 thoughts on “God shows up when we pray

  1. Praying with friends has helped me improve my prayer life. I have a few friends who are incredible prayer warriors. They teach me to pray and we get to experience answered prayers together. Thanks for sharing and lining up!

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  2. Hi! “God is in control.” It’s true, but what a struggle to let go and trust Him for ‘my’ best. Stopping by from Faith’nFriends Link Up. Blessings!

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