God is my Hero

God is my Hero.

He has shown Himself to be my Hero over and over again. So why am I so quick to forget? The answer to that is probably a whole ‘nother post.

But yes, God is my Hero!

If you’ve read my last two posts, you know I’ve been having an internal struggle with being gracious to a neighbor who has not been very nice to me.  You can read about it here and here.

So then, before I had gotten over that, I learned I was to go somewhere to visit with a couple of other people, one of whom has also given me some problems in the past.

A couple of days before I was to have this visit, which I was not looking forward to, I had a dream that a strong man, head completely shaven like Kojak, but more stout and very muscular, an obviously trained fighter, was coming at me and circling around me with a double edged dagger, looking for the right moment to attack.

I woke up right away, and decided that this would be a good time to get on my knees and pray. After all, my God is bigger than any enemy.

So, I did. I prayed long and hard for the two people mentioned above, for God’s Spirit to move in and drive away the spirits of strife and ill will, and I also prayed for a friend who had a job interview that day, that she would have good success.

Well, God be praised, my friend’s job interview went well, and she even had a positive experience putting in applications at two other places, just in case she needed some more employment.  We spent some time together and enjoyed watching God move before us.

Later, though, I was struggling again.

So, I got up early again the next morning and prayed again, and wrote out some verses on index cards so I could look at them and meditate on them if the visit with this unpleasant person started taking a turn for the worse.

We even dropped by a store and bought some flowers, to show kindness to this person.

Then it was time.

We drove to our meeting place.  We got out of the car and went in, and the person I had been so uneasy about seeing was not there!  She had been called away to spend some time with some other people, whom she loves dearly.  That was a much better way for her to spend her time, and I was so relieved.  We enjoyed our visit with the other person, and God gave my husband the clear signal to leave just at the right time so there was no unpleasant encounter!

God has so many ways to answer our prayers!  He is not limited!  He does not dwell in the boxes we try to put Him in.  When we pray, if the person we are praying for does not surrender to Him right away, He has other ways of protecting us from them.  He is stronger than the enemy of my dream, stronger than the enemy of our souls who tries to sow strife in God’s garden, stronger than all the evil forces that can come against us.

“Greater is He who is in (us) than he who is in the world.”  1 John 4:4  NASB

“The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear Him,
And rescues them.”  Psalm 34:7  NASB

He is our Strong Hero, our Hiding Place, who surrounds us with songs of deliverance whenever we are afraid and put our trust in Him!  (Psalm 32:7)

He is our infinite Hero:

  • Limitless
  • Without end
  • Everlasting
  • Immeasurable
  • Inexhaustible,

Who surrounds us with the immense greatness that is Himself!

Of whom shall I be afraid?



8 thoughts on “God is my Hero

  1. “He does not dwell in the boxes we try to put Him in.” Love that.

    Love your testimony and how you prayed and used scripture. It works.


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