Breathing Chocolate Milk? The Lung/Soul Connection

Lungs are made for breathing air.

Astounding discovery, I know!  Right?

Well, last night I managed to breathe in some chocolate almond milk when I was taking my pills. It’s good stuff!

But it wasn’t made to be breathed in.100_5228

It was not meant to go into the windpipe or the lungs.

The result was a lot of coughing to expel the intruder.  It was a noisy, chaotic consequence of putting chocolate milk in a space where air was meant to be.

Our souls were made for God. This is a less recognized fact, sometimes spurned by those who refuse to believe.

Our souls were meant to house the Spirit Wind.  (John 3:8)

They were made to be filled with God’s Spirit, just as surely as our lungs were made to be filled with air.

But sometimes we try to fill our souls with other things:

  • Possessions – more new stuff!  more, more, more!
  • Position – a new job, new career, new volunteer position
  • Power – authority or control over situations and of people
  • Prominence – ME First!
  • Pleasure – food, alcohol, drugs, sensuality
  • People – relationships and friendships

Many of these things are not bad in and of themselves.  In fact, some of them, such as jobs and right relationships and friendships, are gifts of God and are, therefore, good.

But they were not meant to replace God in our souls any more than chocolate milk was meant to replace air in our lungs.

When we try to fill our souls with these other things, the result is spiritual chaos, estrangement from God, lack of peace, loneliness, wandering, lostness, and the feeling of isolation.

Many of us experience times like this, even though we say we know the Lord.  We get so distracted by the activities of this world that we relegate the Holy Spirit to some corner of our hearts.  Then we wonder why we feel so empty.

God’s Spirit wants to fill us.  He is saddened when we basically tell Him He can have that chair in the corner, as though our hearts were some sort of storage room, where we give everything else that we are trying to shove in there more honor than we give Him.

Let’s start anew today and learn a new way by inclining our hearts to seek to put God first and let Him fill our hearts every day.

But perhaps you have not until today even considered that your soul was made for God, as surely as your lungs were made for air.

And so, you continue to try, day in and day out, to stuff all these other things into your soul to satisfy your seemingly insatiable need.

Maybe this is making sense to you, and you wonder what to do to change.

May today be the day that you recognize your lostness and ask Jesus to find you and rescue you.  He knew long ago that you would have this problem and that the sins of your heart would separate you from Him.

That is why Jesus came and died on the cross.  He took your punishment and mine and paid our debt so that He could mercifully and graciously offer us His pardon.

May this be the day that you turn to God, put your trust in Jesus, and tell Him that  you receive Him into your life.

God has so much love and peace and joy that He wants to breathe into your soul if you will just come to Him through Jesus Christ, Who is “the Way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through (Him).”  John 14:6

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13 thoughts on “Breathing Chocolate Milk? The Lung/Soul Connection

  1. I had experienced often drinking hot chocolate and chocolate milk. I can smell the sweetness of chocolate and it’s really good.
    God’s spirit is living in me. He moves me to give praise to the Lord. This post blesses me. Hug to you.


  2. Very true – nothing truly satisfies the way that Jesus does. Indeed, our souls are made for Him and every other pursuit is simply a temporary fix that will return void. So grateful that His supply of love and grace never run dry.


  3. What a beautiful analogy (although I’m sorry you had to breathe in chocolate milk!). We often think about what our hearts are made for, but not about our lungs. This is true: “Our souls were meant to house the Spirit Wind.”

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  4. I find it easy to get that full feeling on the things you listed. I feel full because all of the squares on the calendar are full and all of the hours of the day are occupied. But at the end of the day, I am empty. When I start my day by spending time with God through prayer and reading His Word, He fills me up. Then I know what it is to be full and satisfied! Thanks for linking up!

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