Deep Thoughts concerning the Easter story


In order to deep sea dive for the treasure of the story of Christ’s resurrection, we must first mention a word that is often allocated to one or two months at the end of each year — Christmas.

No, not jingle bells or snow or Christmas trees or Santa, but rather the birth of the Christ Child.

The incarnation of the Son of God was a first step, if you will, in bringing to light the treasures of this profound plan of God that was once hidden from man, but now has been revealed in the gospel. Christ took on flesh for the express purpose of becoming the one and only sacrifice that could possibly be good enough to bring reconciliation and peace between God and man!

So, we descend a little deeper, past the miracles that Jesus did to prove He was who He said He was, the Son…

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2 thoughts on “Deep Thoughts concerning the Easter story

    1. Thank You, Erin, for your encouraging comment! The message of the gospel is so amazing; I only wish more people would stop their flurry of activity long enough to be still and consider how much God loves them and what a wonderful relationship with Him He desires for each of us.


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