The Lord is my “Chauffeur”?

Not long ago I was chosen to sing the tenor voice in a duet to be performed with the choir at our church. My duet partner and I practiced our parts separately, each with our own CD, for weeks before we arranged to practice together.

On the evening that we met to practice, we decided to go for a drive and practice along the way. This solved the problem of our possibly getting interrupted by my kids or feeling embarrassed by eavesdroppers.

It was a great experience, actually! As I drove through the darkness, I could tell that her confidence was growing with each subsequent time we practiced.

Then, when we pulled back into the driveway at my house, we spent a few minutes in prayer, asking the Lord to help us, to keep our voices clear, to keep us from stage fright, to help us sing for Him alone.

(There’s something so special about praying with another believer. Somehow God comes down and brings a harmony that does not have to be sung or played but that can be felt in the depths of our hearts.)

During the numerous times I had practiced, both alone and with my new buddy, the Lord kept on speaking to me through the same line, over and over again.

“Wherever He leads I’ll go. Wherever He leads I’ll go…”

When I was younger, I always thought of this as going to a place, to whatever place God would lead me.  (Like He would lead me to a mission field, a house, a job, and that would be that.)

But as I sang this time, it was as though God was asking me, “Wherever? What about taking your mom to her cataract surgery and helping put in the eye drops? Will you go wherever willingly?”

It was as though He was asking if I would daily willingly do the overwhelming tasks that He has laid across my path these last few months.

There have been times where I have complained about the difficulty of the tasks, and this cataract surgery and the thought of having to go do the eye drops multiple times per day had me feeling like I just couldn’t go on.

I told Him that yes, I would do it.

But I would need Him to help me.

And He will.  And He does.  And He has.

I need to stop trying to be the chauffeur of my life.  I need to let God take the wheel and take me where He wants me to go.  Every day.

And, as long as I let Jesus be the chauffeur of my life, even as we move faster than I’d like down the darkened highways and country roads of known and unknown difficulties that lie ahead of me, I choose to sing harmony with Him, to dwell in Him, to stop the complaining already, and to let Him lead the way and give me wisdom and strength to do the things He has called me to do.

I need His help.  I can’t do it on my own.  But when I yield to Him and spend time with Him in prayer, He draws near and lovingly brings His light to my very thoughts, to turn them in the direction they should go.  He takes away my fear and dread and gives me the confidence I need.   “What time I am afraid, I will trust in (Him).”  Psalm 56:3

Life is not so overwhelming when I’m “singing” a duet in harmony with His word.  He already knows His part; I need a lot of practice.


Here is a link to the lyrics of the song, “Wherever He Leads I’ll Go”:

Are you willing to go wherever God leads you?  What difficulties has He brought you through?  Aren’t you glad He’s such a good driver and that He always knows the way?!  Feel free to share in the comment section below.  I’d love to hear from you.

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23 thoughts on “The Lord is my “Chauffeur”?

  1. Wonderful! So much of this post resonates for me, because I love the ministry of music to my own heart in the practice of it. It changes us to join our voices with another believer with the idea of ministry. And then! The Lord as Chauffeur! So creative and completely helpful.

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  2. Such a good thought to hold onto each day. This so resonated with me this morning as I have been driving my car quite a bit lately. I am discovering that our God is not only the chauffeur but also my GPS. The days may be difficult but they are joy-filled when we maintain this perspective. May God be with you as you journey with your mom and help her with her needs! Blessings!

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    1. Yes, Joanne, He knows where He wants us to go and exactly what is the best way to get there! And I wonder if He says, “Recalculating,” when we take the wheel and go the wrong way?! 🙂 hehe
      I know I’ve been taking my teenager out with his permit to practice driving, and sometimes I have to grab the wheel and help him make those fine adjustments that he is not yet skilled at making.
      Thanks for your visit, and blessings to you as well! 🙂


  3. I am sitting here with a sling on my arm at 3:00 in the morning, not feeling the greatest but, praising the Lord! He led me to read this just when He wanted to turn my thoughts to following Him WHEREVER He leads, knowing there is joy no matter the uncertainty and challenges ahead. I hear Him say “Do not be dismayed, I am with you…”

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    1. Ow, Stephanie! I’m sorry you hurt your arm! I hope it gets better soon. I’m happy, though, to have been used by God to encourage you in the wee hours of the morning! Praise the Lord for His faithfulness! And thanks for the reminder that He says, “Be not dismayed, I am with you.”


  4. Very true words!

    You wrote, “And, as long as I let Jesus be the chauffeur of my life, even as we move faster than I’d like down the darkened highways and country roads of known and unknown difficulties that lie ahead of me, I choose to sing harmony with Him, to dwell in Him, to stop the complaining already, and to let Him lead the way and give me wisdom and strength to do the things He has called me to do.”

    This spoke right to my heart this morning. My family received some devastating news this week. I am very familiar with those “darkened highways and country roads of known and unknown difficulties.”
    But I also know, and can trust, the One who has gone before us!

    This was a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing ❤

    -Rachel (your link up pal on Purposeful Faith) 🙂

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    1. Hi, Rachel! I’m so glad God used this to speak to your heart this morning! I’m sorry to hear about your devastating news; it’s so hard sometimes. But you’re right; we “can trust the One who has gone before us!” He knows the way and will carry us through (or drive! hehe 🙂 )


  5. Hi there, Friend! What a lovely post! I love how the story you shared about your mom and the surgery tied it all together. I’ve never quite looked at those lyrics like that before. I , too, related them to a mission field. You’ve definitely helped me to see that the Lord needs to be my daily chauffeur. Happy to link up with you at the faith and friends link-up. Have a blessed week! 🙂

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  6. There will always be inconvenient things that come up. My mother has taken more frail this last year and I’ve had to put aside my own agenda, miss work at times, to be with her. It’s not always easy going and doing what God would call us to do. But choosing to lay aside ourselves for the benefit of others is always worthy of blessing.

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    1. You’re right, Barbie. He doesn’t tell us to die to self to make us miserable, but so that we can be a blessing and receive a blessing. And even when we feel like we’re being stretched to the limit like a rubber band, if He leads us to do something on top of all that, He will make a way for us to be able to do it.


  7. “Wherever” can be a big word, can’t it? Good internal-perspective-check. Thank you, Ruth. — And, “He already knows His part; I need a lot of practice.” Great phrase. So thankful He knows His part, and He’s patient with us while we learn to surrender to ours. ((hug))

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    1. Yes, Lori, I guess that is a possibility! I’ve always thought of it as me insisting that He move over and let me drive; He is a gentleman and lets me most of the time. Either way, it’s really not a good idea on our part; how could we possibly think that we know better than the Ancient of Days?!?!
      I’m glad that the Lord uses these little offerings in your life for His glory. Have a nice ride in His car this week! 🙂 ♥


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