How to be accepted

In this new place

I don’t know anyone.

As I walk down

the long hallway

three ladies laugh.

They look at me

and are quiet,

no hellos and

no how are you doing?

Their eyes just stare,

smiling, through me

a look that says

I’ve interrupted something.

I am an interruption.


We all need acceptance. We all need love. Unfortunately, if we expect it from other people, we will often be disappointed.

Most of us seek acceptance and approval from time to time, but can you imagine what would happen if we did the opposite?

What if we actually ALL sought to GIVE it instead of SEEKING it for ourselves?

What if, in the poem above, we overcame our fears and expectations and went up to those three ladies, shook their hands, smiled, and introduced ourselves?

I know that’s hard for most of us, but Jesus came to give us ABUNDANT LIFE, not an Easy life. When we can’t, He can in and through us.

If ALL of us would GIVE acceptance to all those whose lives we touch each day, then we would receive the acceptance that we need without even seeking it.

We would live in a connected, harmonious, colorful dance instead of moping alone in an empty white room.

Perhaps that’s the difference between hell on Earth and Heaven on Earth.

Isolation versus love and acceptance.

I believe it was Adrian Rogers who once quoted someone else as allegorically picturing both heaven and hell as being a long banquet table full of delicious food.

Each person’s fork was a few feet long.

All those sitting around the hell table were languishing and angry because they couldn’t eat.

But at the heaven table, they were all joyfully feeding each other!

I have learned to find my acceptance in God alone, because every time I slip up and expect it from people, I end up feeling empty.  Only God fills me up.

We can’t make all those other people do the right thing. It starts with you and me.

I challenge you today to become the beginning of a new movement where you are.

Daily come to God, the Lover of your soul, for the love He wants to pour out to overflowing in your heart.

Then, be an example to all those around you, not just your family and your best friends; be an example of someone who truly loves and accepts others and doesn’t treat them like they are an interruption.

Notice people as you pass them; smile and say hello. Truly care about their well being.

Be glad that you are not living in a hell on earth, and extend a bit of heaven to those around you. Then, be amazed and thankful at how much of that heaven they will gladly send back your direction.


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22 thoughts on “How to be accepted

  1. I love the long fork story – I’ve heard that before and it touches me every time. Wonderful post – we do need to be more demonstrative with our Christian love. After all, Jesus said they will know us by our love to one another. People have to see that love!

    Be blessed

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  2. Love that idea, I often times worry what others think, or if I think someone is giving me an unfriendly look or attitude then I have to remind myself ‘it’s not about me’ ..I love Hebrews 13:6 for comfort also! …and a smile is contagious!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, sweet sister! ❤
      The poem above actually happened to me in a church. How differently things might have been if I had known then what I know now.
      I always used to think of that passage as us being salt and light for the unsaved world, but now I realize that it’s to be for the saved as well.

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  3. Hmm I was truly touched and convicted by this post. Its so true. We need to reach out to the lost and unsaved a lot more! Our light needs to be shone upon them so that God can bring them out of darkness! Thank you so much for sharing! God bless you and continue to use you in mighty ways! Xxoo much love! ❤

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    1. Hi, Tammy! I’m so glad the Lord used this to speak to you! That old devil wants to keep us in isolation so we will not be doing what God commands us to do. So, let’s get up and go obey God instead! Today is a new day! God’s mercies are new every morning, and great is His faithfulness!!! He will help us overcome our old patterns and habits so we can walk in newness of life!! ❤

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