Soft, Gentle Rain

Soft, gentle rain
Gray skies above
Bringing God’s love,
Brings life to the earth,
Maturity from new birth
Soft, gentle rain.


This is a poem I wrote in the spring of 1992 during a very difficult time of my life.

Many plants and bulbs and seeds lie dormant during the winter months, but the soft, gentle rain soaks into the ground and gives them a very important part of what they need to grow and flourish.

So, God brings us through the winter of our souls and gives us the soft, gentleness of His love and His Words of comfort and peace to bring us to a place of resurrection and new life.

For more on the seasons of the soul, click here, and here.



15 thoughts on “Soft, Gentle Rain

  1. Isn’t it funny how just a few words can have such deep meaning? Your little poem is why I love Easter so much. The new life that it represents, it’s such a joy to watch as it grows each spring. And the soft gentle rain of his Holy Spirit, in our times of trouble, brings Comfort to our weary Souls. Lovely post, thank you.

    Be blessed.

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