What Kind of Love…?


I approach the foot of a cross.

I look up;

yeah some guy died for me.

Flippantly I think,

that’s nice;

yeah he died for my sins;

I believe it and I’m glad.

Can we just skirt around the subject now?

I don’t want to think about death.

I don’t want to think about suffering.

I don’t want to think about blood

that means his life is draining away

because that would mean

that I have to think about

the depths of my sin.

I don’t want to think about Wrath;

can’t we just talk about Love?


but what what kind of love

does not punish a mass murderer?

what kind of love does not punish

the terrorist who took out thousands of lives in one bombing?

Love includes wrath.

It has to.

And as I stand here I think,

But I’m not a mass murderer;

I’m not a terrorist.

But what about my meanness,

my hatred,

my unforgiving heart?

What about lies I’ve told?

What about Disobedience to God’s law,

wanting what others have,



disrespect for parents,

going my own way

instead of  God’s way?

Suddenly my flippancy disappears,

and a heavy weight

begins to push me slowly

down to my knees.

Suddenly, I’m glad to think about

Him who took God’s Wrath for me,

suffering there in my place.

As I kneel at the foot of His cross,

I let His blood fall on me,

hot, sticky lifeblood.

The blood of a covenant

that He is cutting with

anyone who will believe,

a blood Covenant

that requires His life to drain away

so that I may receive life eternal

and abundant.

Lord, I believe!

I bow there in the heaviness of it all

feeling the weight on my shoulders,

Sorrowing in His pain and anguish

that should have been mine.

My heart is heavy;

My breath catches in my throat.

I stay there at the cross

flippant no more,

and I think,

what kind of love

would give His own life

for the condemned?

What kind of love would bridge the gap

Between God and sinful man,

with His nail-pierced hands,

His bleeding hands,

His outstretched, bleeding arms?

What kind of love

would wear a crown of thorns

when He could be up in heaven

wearing a crown of gold,

set with every Jewel known to man,

and then some?

What kind of love would willingly die alone,

a brutal, undeserved death,

on behalf of the guilty?

And so I weep in sorrow and in joy

that One so great

would love such a lowly one

as me.

Thank you Jesus for Your amazing love

for me.

         Amen.          20180222_132758_Burst01


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15 thoughts on “What Kind of Love…?

        1. It depends. What other social media are you on? If you have Facebook, you can click the Facebook share button above, and it will let you choose from a drop-down menu if you want to share this on your page or in a private message on messenger. You could also print it for the non-computer people you know, and you can also click the email button and put the email address of someone you want to share it with.

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        2. So, yes, you click the Pinterest button and share it to your faith board or poetry board. I’m not sure how to do Google + ; you can click the button and follow whatever instructions it gives. I’ll try to check tomorrow and see if I can add an Instagram button. Another thing you can do is click the reblog button right next to the like button. It will put the beginning of this post on your blog with a link back here so all of your readers can come to this page to read the rest. If you did that, you could write a little intro about how the Lord touched your heart when you read it. So, whatever the Lord leads you to do, feel free!

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  1. These words brought tears to my eyes today. What a gift we have been given, but we do treat it so flippantly some days! Oh, may we ever bow before Him and receive His precious gift!! I shared this on G+ and pinterest. Thank you for this!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, Bettie, may the Lord forgive us for being so flippant toward His precious gift!
      I’m so glad that the Lord used this to touch your heart; thanks for letting me know! I pray that He will use this in the heart of each person who reads it.
      Thanks so much for sharing this so others can be touched as well!


    1. Yes, the love of Jesus is much more deep and sincere than we can conceive. And I think that the discrepancy comes in whether we see ourselves the way God sees us and humble ourselves and repent or whether we refuse to see ourselves the way God sees us and continue in our pride and rebellion against Him.


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