My Love, My Delight!

On the mountaintop again,

dancing, accepted,

Engulfed in the sunshine of His love!

The breeze catches my hair

as I look at Him shyly

with a happy, radiant smile!

What a joy to be accepted by

Him who loves me most!

The valley below is almost forgotten,

beautiful in the distance,

but Your love

draws me.

Your love

holds my gaze.

Your love

holds my heart.

In gentle hands,

healing hands.

You know the brokenness, and

You feel my pain with me,

breathing life into me

when distant painful memories

try to steal it away.

You bring my heart up close and

breathe life into it,

life that drains away the stress and

puts a smile of peace and

joy on my lips!

Lover of my soul,

Light of the world,

Prince of Peace,

Eternal Bridegroom,

how I love You and want to dwell with You


Lord Jesus, I thank You for these moments together on the mountaintop, in the sunshine of Your love. It’s such a comfort to know You and be loved by You! Help me to dwell always in Your love and share it with others as I go about my daily life. Amen.


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20 thoughts on “My Love, My Delight!

    1. Amen, Eileen! I have found that at times, He will even take me to the mountaintop even when I am in the valley or even in the midst of the wilderness. Moses is a great example of how God does this with those who seek His face in truth. Ex. 33:11 and 34:29-35; 2 Cor. 3:12-18


  1. Thank you for this beautiful song to the Lord! This stanza is touching my heart tonight:
    “You bring my heart up close and
    breathe life into it,”
    Such a sweet picture, and hope-filled place to rest! Blessings to you!

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