Broken Heart


A breaking heart feels so alone—
Tearing, aching, grieving groans
Where contentment once abode
Darkness now has come.


He clutches at his aching chest;
The agony won’t let him rest,
His sobs are filled with gnawing “why’s”
As in his hopelessness he cries
To One who listens in the skies.


And as the tears tumble and flow
He wonders why God whips him so.
It surely would be nice to know.

And even if the answers came,
Life would never be the same.
He fights and kicks against the change,
Feeling disabled, even lame.

And as the tears finally subside,
Numbness now wells up inside;
Feelings dulled, no more he weeps,
Finally closes his eyes and sleeps.

And God reaches down from up above,
Wraps His child in arms of love,
Gentle arms that hold him tight,
Tender voice from Heaven’s heights,
Says, “I heard you crying here tonight;

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