Worship with me #11

Dear Lord Jesus,

You are such an amazing Savior, Lord, Love, Friend, Shepherd, Provider, and so much more!  We so often focus on You in Your humanity, and well we should, but we forget to focus on how You were in the beginning with God and how without You nothing was made that was made.  We forget to focus on You enthroned in the heavens.  How big do we think that throne is anyway?  Just a fancy human-sized chair?  No way!!  For You are Glorious, lifted up on High!

Lord Jesus, if You were just a man, the Apostle John, who walked closely with You for three years, would not have fallen at your feet as a dead man when He saw You in all Your glory.  You are more amazing, more awesome and glorious than we can even imagine!  (Revelation 1:12-18)

Lord Jesus, when we think of You only in Your humanity, we have a tendency to allow ourselves to be lax in our attitudes and we begin to disobey You and are disrespectful of You and forgetful of Your importance, and in doing so we sin against You who were, and are, and are to come.  Please forgive us and help us to remember You in Your glory,

eyes… like flames of fire… feet… like glowing bronze refined in a furnace, … voice… like the sound of raging waters,”  face shining like the sun,

showing up the dirt in our hearts that needs to be washed away by Your precious blood that You shed for us. 

We bow before You who are worthy to be praised!

Thank You that You loved us so much that You left heaven’s glory for a while so that You could become one of us, for a short time compared to the eternity that You had already existed, and take our place as a sacrifice for our sins.

And thank You that

the Father was satisfied with Your sacrifice and has highly exalted You and given You a name that is above every other name, and that one day every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father!  (Philippians 2:6-11)

I thank You that You are enthroned in the Heavens, and Your Spirit is unimaginably huge, since You can be everywhere at the same time, listening to the prayers of all Your children, no matter where they are, at the same time!  I thank You that You listen to our prayers and actually understand them, even with all of us talking at the same time, and that You have promised to answer them, even as You have so many times that we have lost count!  Thank You, dear Lord!  (Romans 8:9,10)

Lord Jesus, You are more than wonderful, and we praise You again today!  How amazing, that by Your grace, You have called us friends!



Dear reader, I invite you to add your worship that this has brought to your heart in the comments below so that I (and others) can worship with you, as well. ❤

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