Rest in the Storm

Night has fallen, and
My hands have stopped their
But inside, my heart trembles still.

I left a part of myself
Back in that classroom with you,
My dear friend.
My heart weeps with you
For a dear, suffering man,
And his courageous wife.
The thought of what they face
Brings tears to my eyes.

Does your heart weep as mine does,
Maybe more, dear friend?
I wanted to give you a hug,
To grasp your hand and squeeze
But the time was not right.
So now,
The hand of my heart
Reaches across the miles
And grasps yours tightly.
My thoughts go out to you.

I wonder,
Did I come this evening for you,
Or for our suffering friends,
Or because I needed reassurance?
I don’t know.
I think it was for all three

Lord Jesus, thank You that You, too,
Once suffered grief and much pain.
You understand our weeping hearts
More than we can know.

The pain subsides a bit;
It’s not totally gone,
Nor are the tears,
But they’ve taken a seat
On the sidelines
As the Master, the Healer,
The Prince of Peace,
The Author of the
Greatest love story ever told
Appears in the arena of my heart
With the deep look of agape love
In His shining eyes
And His arms open wide.

“Come to me, and I will give you
“Peace be still,” He says.
His smile brings light to the darkness;
I know He is holding me tight.

Lord, please help my dear friend
with whom Iย  spoke tonight.
He doesn’t have to be asked twice.
How He longs to hold her
In His strong embrace!

Is she walking into His open arms
How I love my dear friend!
How much more He loves her!

My heart weeps again,
And so do my eyes.
But this time the tears of pain
Are joined by tears of hope in the
Of peace in the storm,
Of joy amidst suffering,
And of love,
God’s wonderful love.



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