The Lamppost and the Sapling

The Lamppost and the Sapling – A Lesson in Flexibility

The wind is blowing hard today –
Oh, oh, how it blows!

The lamp post rigid, tall and straight
Is strong, and that he knows.
But inside he groans constantly;
As vibrations disrupt his repose.

“Oh, oh, I wish this wind would cease!”
He grumbles and protests.

It’s good that he is so sturdy,
Or he would surely break
And never be the same again
In the onslaught of this gale!

The sapling views things differently;
His flexible branches waving,
Long and thin, wearing new, fresh leaves,
Tossing to and fro, amazing,
Wildly dancing in the tempest
As he sings his joyful song:

“The wind has come, the wind has come!
What an adventure grand!
Please join me, everybody here
And dance to the woodwind band!
Let’s explore what brand-new lessons
We are privileged to gain!”

He is strong like the lamppost tall,
But really not the same at all.
It’s in his flexibility
That we his strength can see.

Which, dear reader, would you rather be?
Loud, complaining constantly?
Or joyful like the little tree?
Hmm, dear me,

Let’s see,

Let’s see….




18 thoughts on “The Lamppost and the Sapling

  1. Oh Ruth this is beautiful! During our windstorm this weekend, I also marveled at the flexibility of trees that seem so rigid normally. But when I was young, my favorite tree was a giant willow, so similar to the one in your photo. It had such flexibility and such strength at the same time! Oh, may I have that same joy to be flexible! Blessings to you!

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