Worship with me #16

Hello, friends!  Welcome to another week of Worship with me!  I invite you again today to join me in this prayer of praise to our God!

Thank you, Lord, that You place great worth on us! Sometimes we think that because we have sinned and don’t deserve Your mercy and grace, we must not be worth much to You. We have believed the lie that our worth comes from our obedience and our own good works and that our disobedience to You makes us worthless.

We are so prone to believing the lies instead of Your truth, Lord Jesus, but You said Yourself that even the sparrows are of value to You and that each of us is of more value to You than many sparrows!  You even know how many hairs we have on our head!  Thank You that we can leave all our anxieties with You because You value us and care so much about us!  There is never a time when You are not with us.  There is never a time when You don’t see us.  There is never a time when You are not able to rescue us from the evil one.

I thank You that Your mercies are new every morning! Lord, we like that, and we are so glad that You give us another chance the next day after we royally mess up, fail, sin against You, grieve Your Spirit with our bad attitudes and words and actions. But we are so slow to offer the same mercy to those who mess up in our relationships. Help us, please, to be more like You, to see the value in others like You do in us.  Help us to recognize and remember and appreciate how much mercy You have shown to us and to pass on some of the same to those who need it in our lives, because we all need Your mercy! Thank You for Your wonderful love for us and for Your amazing grace!

Lord Jesus, You took our condemnation on Yourself so we wouldn’t have to.  And now there is no more condemnation for any of us who are in Christ Jesus, even those who get on our nerves!

Thank You, God that You can do the impossible!! Thank You that You can heal physical wounds and sicknesses, and that You can also bring healing to emotional wounds and spiritual wounds, both those in our own hearts and in the hearts of those whom we have stopped believing can ever change. Lord, You have been making new creations of people for centuries, and we ask You to forgive us for our unbelief and to help us believe that You can do THIS impossible thing, as well.  Nothing is too hard for You!

And, thank You, Lord, that You are wise. The way You think is perfect, and You have chosen to reveal some of that wisdom to us through Your precious Word! Thank You so much! Help us to do a better job searching through Your Word, seeking You and Your wisdom for the various problems that come our way. I thank You, Lord, that You invite us to ask You for wisdom and that You promise to give it to us generously when we ask You for it! Praise You, Lord, that You always keep Your promises!

Lord, You are good!  Your mercies are everlasting and Your truth endures to all generations!

Praise You, Lord!!


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