Worship with me #17

Thank You, Lord, that You are my Shepherd and will provide all my needs, according to your riches in glory in Christ Jesus!

You lead me and give me restful times by peaceful waters, and You satisfy me with good food and the comfort of Your precious word! You restore my soul. Thank You!

You, in Your great wisdom, understand the extreme dangers of my going down the wrong paths, so You lead me along the right path, for Your name’s sake.

I praise You, Lord, for even when I have to walk in the darkness, I will fear no evil, for You, my God, are the Light, and You are with me! The light and dark are the same to You, because You shine in the darkness, and the darkness cannot overcome You!

You welcome me and show me favor and hospitality in the presence of my enemies. You let them know that I am Yours and You are mine, and they’d best keep away because You are my strong protection, and You won’t be letting them past You to have a piece of me!

Thank You, Lord!

You anoint me with the oil of gladness. You heal me and show me love and honor when I’m just one of Your sheep. But You love us all so much that You treat us like we are ALL Your favorites! Thank You, Lord!

You give to us in abundance! No doubt, Your goodness and mercy will be with me all the days of my life, for You will never leave me nor forsake me. And, because of Your unfailing covenant love, I’ll always dwell in Your presence, forever!  I praise You, Lord!

You are worthy to receive all the glory and honor and praise forever and ever!



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