Worship with me #20

Hi, and welcome to Worship with me!  God has given us so much for which to be thankful!  I invite you to pray this prayer of thankfulness with me:

Thank You, Lord, for daily bearing our burden! You are so good to us!

We can be so foolish sometimes, Lord, trying to bear our burdens alone, like we think we can do it better than You or something.

It’s not that we consciously think we’re better or stronger than You, Lord, but the way we keep on wanting to be in control instead of completely surrendering all to You, well, it pretty much seems like we’re trying to be the boss instead of letting You be the boss, doesn’t it?

Please forgive us and help us to daily remember and believe that You truly love us and have our best interests in mind. You are our loving provider, and You are worthy of our praise and of our trust!

And Lord, sometimes we complain because our gadgets malfunction or because someone is unkind to us, and we get all upset about it. But we totally forget how kind YOU are to us and that we are blessed to even have those gadgets in the first place! We have sinned against You in this, too, Lord. Please forgive us and help us to remember from where You have brought us, and fill our hearts with gratefulness and praise.

I don’t know about other people, Lord, but there was a time when things looked really grim in my life. I knew that I had hope because of You, but I could never have imagined how wonderful a plan You had for me! You reached down into my pit and lifted me up and lavished Your grace upon me! If I really think about it, Lord, everything I see around me is purely by Your grace, and most of it You have poured out in abundance since those days where You lifted me out of the pit. Thank You!

Thank You, Lord, for my family, for our home, for the comforts that You give us, for laughter and love, for running water and the ability to keep things clean. A lot of people don’t have these things, and we sin against You when we take them for granted. I’m sorry, Lord. You really are wonderful!

Thank You, also, that You have promised to forgive our sins when we confess them to You, agreeing with You that we have wandered from Your righteous path in doing them. Thank You, Jesus, for taking my sins on Yourself and for taking my punishment that I deserved for my sin. How great Your love for me must be! I can’t even comprehend how much You must have loved us, knowing ahead of time how many times we would turn our backs on You and how many times we would forget to make You our first Love.

Thank You that we don’t have to understand it, we just have to believe it.

Lord, I believe.

Thank You!


9 thoughts on “Worship with me #20

  1. What a beautiful gathering of praise here today! Oh, Lord, my heart echoes the words of my sister. May I never forget the many blessings you have showered on me. And most of all may I always lift my worship to You, my true King of Kings!

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