Hi! I’m back!

Hello, friends!

I just wanted to take a few moments to let you all know what has been going on with me in case you had wondered why I wasn’t writing or visiting your blogs or commenting like I used to.

So sorry, by the way!  Please forgive me?

Back in May, I was helping my daughter successfully finish her school year.  At the same time, that last week, I was helping her and her brother prepare for a week-long school trip. They were to leave the very next morning after the last day of school.

But that’s not all!  My husband and I decided to travel to the same town as the school trip and combine a vacation together with watching as many of the kids’ events as possible.

Which means that I wasn’t just helping the kids get packed, but had to pack my own things as well.

It may not sound like much because I can’t fit weeks of explanation into one blog post, but everything together took up a lot of my time and energy.

We enjoyed our trip very much, and when we got home, we hit the ground running with yard work and gardening that needed to be done, since it had rained quite a bit while we were gone.

In addition, I had signed up to teach a Vacation Bible School class, so I had a bunch of preparations to do to get ready.

For me, there is a certain amount of stress involved in studying anything, including God’s Word, when I know that I have to learn it well enough to present it in an interesting and understandable way to a group.  But God did what He always does when we draw near to Him; He drew near to me and blessed me with His closeness!

I had a lot of fun teaching the 5th and 6th graders!  They were a great group!  Somebody was obviously praying over us all, because we had between 20 and 30 kids in our class every night, and they listened so well to the Bible lessons!  If you are one of those who already knew about this and were praying for us, a great big thank you!!  🙂

Yesterday was the last day of Vacation Bible School, and even though we still have a short time this evening where we go one last time so the kids can do their song and dance that they learned for the parents, today is the first time I’ve felt that I could really just relax and do normal things, like blogging and a big grocery shopping trip, in quite some time.

So, I’m hoping to get back into the swing of blogging, and hopefully I’ll see more of each of you online like before!

I do have a couple of other things that will take a small amount of time this summer:

  1. My son has to have his wisdom teeth removed, so I have to get that scheduled,
  2. I have developed a hammer toe which is bothering me when I walk a lot, so I need to go through the process of getting that taken care of.

Prayers appreciated in advance!

One exciting challenge that I hope to conquer this summer is to memorize the entire book of John. I’ve already learned the first fourteen verses of the first chapter, but I have a long way to go. My teens are trying to memorize it also, so hopefully the competition will give us a sort of accountability that will push us to succeed!

Would you like to join us on this challenge?

I’m looking forward to hearing from you all again!

Blessings to you and yours!  🙂


16 thoughts on “Hi! I’m back!

  1. Why hello darling! So glad to hear Vacation Bible School has gone so well for you. I just made the same apology to a company I agreed to work for part time this summer in relation to emails. I am not in “work” mindset. I am in “summer” mindset, and just like blogging, you have to set aside time and effort to really get things done properly. Since I had not officially started the job yet, I was still checking e-mail at my leisure, but they had tons of little details that needed to be worked out (a few of them from me). So glad to see you back here for your ministry on the amazing world wide web. I LOVE that you got to spend time with your family.

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  2. Great to have you back! As for the challenge, I have the memory of mentally challenged gnat so I will just be cheering from the rafters. I have always marveled at folks who can memorize volumes of scripture… one man at my church rattled off Psalm 119 which impressed the crap out of me, let alone a whole book.

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    1. Thanks for your cheers, Keith! Actually, I’ll need prayers to actually succeed. I really want to, but I decided to do this to motivate my kids, who will find it much easier than I will. But even if I only succeed at learning a few chapters, every little bit will be a blessing! 🙂


  3. Healthy competition, in all fun, goes a long way! 🙂 I am so happy to hear VBS went well!!! I’ve been praying and thinking of you all, what a blessing!

    Nice to see you back!!! How is the gardening going? What are you planting?

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    1. Thanks so much, T. R., for the prayers! God was clearly with us. Now to continue praying that the seeds planted will bear much fruit! 🙂
      The vegetable garden is going well; I just finished picking pretty much the end of the strawberries a couple of days ago. The black raspberries are hard and red, but on their way to being a lot of deliciousness! The asparagus is pretty much over for the year. I’ve got a small amount of red romaine lettuce, tomato plants, potato plants, a whole bunch of green bean plants, and one sweet cantaloupe plant that is starting to sprawl. I also have mint and basil.
      My flower gardens are in bad need of weeding, but first things first! I hope to get to them soon.
      Blessings, sister! 🙂

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      1. What a lovely harvest!!! I can’t wait till I have a backyard I can grow things in. Till then, I am using little pots to grow some flower seeds and then I’ll move them. I’ve never fully grown something before, so I’m working on it 🙂

        Prayers for the growing of seeds ❤ symbolically.


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