Worship with me #23

Hello!  Welcome to Worship with me!  If you’ve been joining with me every week, I’ve enjoyed so much these times together!  And if you’re joining me for the first time, I’m so glad you’re here, too!

Please feel free to pray this prayer with me, adding to it anything the Lord lays on your heart as you talk with Him!

Dear Lord, Thank You for Your precious Word from which we can mine priceless treasures of who You are, for indeed, You are our very Great Treasure!

Thank You for Your Word which lights our way, which warns us of danger, which tells of Your precious salvation!

Through it You give me

  • comfort when my heart is grieving,
  • calm in times of anxiety and fear,
  • water to quench my thirst for You and also to put out the fires of anger and irritation, frustration and impatience,

Through it You give me joy in knowing You!

In it I find directions to solve many difficult puzzles, and in it I find You who are my Peace!

I praise You, Lord, that You have made Your Word available to me and to so many others!  Thank You for giving us the gift of being able to read!  And, thank You for giving us precious moments of time to sit down and listen to Your Holy Spirit as He reveals You to us, making Your truths known to us through Your Word!

I love having these conversations with You, Lord, whether You are revealing a new secret that I had never noticed before or reminding me of Your command, which I have failed to keep.  It’s all a part of drawing closer to You, of getting to spend personal time with You who are the King of the Universe!  You are more famous than all the greatest celebrities, sports stars, or historical figures that ever lived, so wonderful, that there is really no comparison!  In fact, You are so wonderful that even though You love each and every one of them, they all fade in the light of the beauty and power and wisdom of You, in the Light of Your Presence, You Who are brighter than all the stars put together!

Thank You, Lord, for Your Word, for by it I can get to know YOU!  Praise You, Lord!!



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