Masked Mortals Moved to Hope

Head tilted forward,
Black fedora hiding forehead,
White-rimmed glasses
With opaque yellow lenses
Masking the eyes,
Hiding the anima,
Of the mannequin-faced persona
Facing me here
In this white, sterile place.
Shadows behind her
As she steps into the light,
Her hand tips the fedora
Like a salute
As she strides toward me.
Then she disappears.

Now off to my right
Enters another
Wearing white-rimmed glasses
With chalk-blue lenses
On her unsmiling face.
Someone else enters behind her.
Invisible eyes turn toward me
Shrouded by frosted shades.
I’m frustrated
That I can’t see her eyes.

Why, I ask myself?
Who are these people?
Are they someone I think I know
But don’t really?
Are they those who
Never let me get close?
Or could it be someone I have yet to meet?
Someone afraid,
Wearing a mask,
Worried what others will think?
Shadows in her past,
Entering life like it’s a stage,
Playing her part
And moving on,
Someone following her,
As she perceives
An ever-present threat.

There’s a lot of danger out there.
Who can you trust?
You’ve been hurt,
Heart broken.
You’ve failed miserably.
Who can show you the way?
Instincts for survival
Drive you to hide;
Don’t give away your secrets!
Protect yourself!
Don’t let yourself be vulnerable!
Wear that mask!

But as the mask obscures,
It also confines and restricts,
Impedes progress
And holds back true happiness.

Come out of the shadows
And enter the refuge
Of the Most High!
He is the only One
That you can be sure you can trust.
He will shelter you
And calm your fearful heart!
Answer His knock at your heart’s door;
Invite Him in
To forgive the sins of the past
Through Christ to make you new,
To rebuild you from the ground up,
To give you another chance,
To make you whole.

Put your trust in Jesus!
Walk out of the darkness
Into His glorious light!
Surrender to Him
Is the only road to freedom,
The hallowed place of peace.
The beginning of your healing,
Sweet rest and renewal,
He offers you!
Say yes to Him today!

Photo Credit – Bruno Charters, Unsplash


13 thoughts on “Masked Mortals Moved to Hope

          1. You’re welcome, Ruth, and I receive those blessings. Thank you. And may the good Lord continue to bless you and yours. ๐Ÿ’™


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