No to Sour Milk

Today, please Lord,
Let me not be
Like sour milk
That ruins a
Good cup of tea;
No matter
How much
Sugar I add
The tea still tastes
Really bad.

But rather let
Me be like You
Saying and
Doing like
You want me to.

May Your sweetness
So Your goodness
My life will show.


Photo by Alex Loup on Unsplash

18 thoughts on “No to Sour Milk

    1. Thank you!
      Ya, true, but that still would not taste good in my tea!
      I was thinking that when we bring our sour attitudes into our relationships and make our loved ones angry, it’s hard to say enough “I’m sorries” or do enough nice things to help them stop being upset. I’m not sure how to fit lemon juice into that analogy! 😊

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      1. Haha, no I totally know what you meant! I’ve done a couple of recipes where I needed buttermilk, and lemon juice can be added to milk. But this reminded me of some proverbs that discussed bitterness and the taste of it. Also, was it Isaiah who ate a little book (?) and in his mouth it was sweet but when he ate it was bitter?

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          1. Ah!!! Okay!! I should have known that passage haha πŸ™‚

            I thought there was someone else who ate a book or scroll and I checked, Ezekiel (3:03) was given a scroll to eat, but it just tasted sweet like honey to him.

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