Worship with me #29

Hi! Welcome! For those of you who regularly join me on Worship with me, I apologize for my tardiness today! The kids started school, and after I dropped them off, I had just a short time to grab a little breakfast before heading to my parents’ house to meet with their homemaker and mom’s physical therapist. Prayers are appreciated for Mom’s hip, which is still giving her troubles after almost 3 weeks and for her diabetic condition, that between all her various caregivers we can get her sugars under control.

Last night, my husband and I drove out to the country and spent some time just staring at the night sky, and I was blessed to see 5 meteors streaking through the sky!

Thank you, Lord, for the beauty of the night sky, for the uncountable amount of stars there! But you can count them! You know every one! You are “The One who leads forth their host by number, (You) call them all by name; Because of the greatness of (Your) might and the strength of (Your) power, Not one of them is missing”! Isaiah 40:26 NASB

Lord, the sights of the night sky are so beautiful and the depths of space are so vast! We are such a small speck in comparison, but You see us, and You know us by name, and You love us! Thank You!

And thank You, also, for the night sounds, the crickets, the cicadas, the tree frogs, the hooting owls! Thank You that just as You can see them in the darkness and take care of them, You can also see us in the darkness, for the darkness is as bright as the day to You, and You take care of us as well! (Psalm 139:12)

And thank You, Lord, that You have given us the privilege of going to school and of learning to read and write and communicate with one another! Thank You for the written Word of God and for the privilege of being able to read it and learn of You!

We bless Your name today!


36 thoughts on “Worship with me #29

  1. Beautiful prayer
    And quick note to consider for your mom and her hip.
    Get magnesium chloride flakes (life flo brand is my fav – amazon sells it)
    And put some in a bowl and it dissolves to a liquid –
    Then apply to the hip every hour (approx) for the first two days – then 3x a day for a few days and see amazing things happen!
    Further consider having her take a good mineral blend
    Wegmans sells s wonderful cal mag w zinc
    But there are options
    Remember the minerals feed the bones – help healing – and allow other things to work!
    I have a few more tips but that one thing (mag chloride flakes)
    Helped a dozen people I know!
    I have many stories

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      1. Yes – but I need to come back – and I have to share a few of the testimonies about it !
        Also – I am making an ebook to be ready by October – Lord willing — and it will have this in there (it will be free or like ninety-nine cents).

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        1. Aww that’s too bad. We had to get away from city lights, but we didn’t need the eastern sky. We were able to see a few just right in the center of the sky. And this year, since it was the new moon, we saw them best between about 10:45 pm and 11:30 pm. I tried watching from my back yard the night before, and it was lighter outside at 3:45 am than at midnight. I didn’t see a single one from my backyard this year. There are too many street lights and trees.

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  2. Glory Hallelujah to the King of righteousness! Thank you Almighty God! Glory to your Name that IS ABOVE ALL NAMES! There is NONE like you!! None! God your grandeur is beautiful just the way you are beautiful to us. Oh how wonderful you are! Thank you for making the sun, moon, stars and the firmament of the heavens! God we know you are the GREAT PHYSICIAN and there is NOTHING too hard for you to do and I ask that you heal my sister’s mother’s hip in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ! Be healed in the Name of Jesus! Every bone that you have created to function in that part of her body is being reformed right now!!!!! Thank you Jesus! Amen!!! Glory!

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          1. Oh great. Praise God for the measure of healing granted. She will do well. Don’t worry. God will heal. Thanks for the wonderful reply. God bless you, your family and your wonderful parents. Special love to your parents.

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  3. https://www.amazon.com/Life-flo-Pure-Magnesium-Flakes-Ounce/dp/B0062A7SRU

    This is the magnesium flakes
    – put handful of them in bowl – shallow layer -it should liquefy
    Apply to knee (or any area that needs it
    Sometimes I add a carrier oil on my hands –
    What I like about the dissolved flakes is that it does not sting and it is effective
    Life flo (and ancient minerals) make spray mag chloride – I like their blends – but often sting –
    The dissolved ones do not !

    Check out these sites for more info
    – dr sircus
    – wellness momma
    – dr axe

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          1. Really really well
            Thanks so much
            I was kind of discouraged and one of the reasons was my nose was breaking out – it was annoying and was just after a busy few weeks (yes -lack of sleep played a part)
            Anyhow – shortly after I asked you to pray
            – I remembered activated charcoal!
            Got up and used it – applied it hourly and by night it was 80% better
            – and I really believe the asking for prayer helped – sometimes we just KNOW it!
            And I thank you so much – I felt such a sweet vibe here and just felt led to ask –
            And so many many thanks πŸ™


  4. Hi – one more thing – remember the goal is to slowly foritify her immune system – she needs enzymes (sparks of life) and flora and some misc items would help big time – and it can be gradual
    Check out some capsules of “msm” – a sulfur that most bodies need and thrive with 1,000 mg a day (I did a week long cleanse with gradual high amounts it and really had a nice cleanse)
    Anyhow –
    Also get a good “cal mag zinc” formula and a liver support –
    It sounds like a lot but spread out throughout the day as she fortifies the system –
    My prayers as with u and please email me if you have any questions

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