Worship with me #31

Thank you, Lord, that you have given us so much to praise You for! Your gifts are beautiful! We sometimes have troubles seeing them because sometimes they come shrouded in negative experiences, and we get stuck staring at the wrapping paper instead of looking at the gift! Sorry, Lord. Please forgive us, and help us to remember that the wrapping paper is the least important thing. And even beyond that, the gifts are less important than the giver. Thank you that You are the ultimate Good Giver, and You give good things from Your good heart!

Thank you for feeding us and clothing us and giving us safety in all kinds of circumstances! Thank you that my daughter’s car broke down in the McDonald’s parking lot with family nearby instead of out on the dark highway in the middle of nowhere. And thank you for sending along the kind stranger who figured out the problem and gave us good advice. Thank you that his girls were such good sports, waiting patiently even though the ice cream machine was broken. Please bless them with another ice cream-daddy date to make up for that one that didn’t go the way they expected. Bless their family in special ways. Most of all, help them to know You and feel You close with them in their every day.

And thank You for sending along kind, praying friends that we haven’t seen in a long time just when we’re having a big struggle or trial of some kind. Thank you for sending my old prayer  buddy’s daughter, who has become so much like her mom that she just started praying for me at the dollar store. Your sweetness is so obvious in them as they pour out their hearts to You. Thank You that You hear our prayers that we prayed in private and that You are so sweet and good to send that extra confirmation in our time of need! Thank You, Lord!

And thank You that You have good plans for us in this new day and this new week. Help us to walk close to You and keep our ears open for Your beautiful Presence and for the gracious gifts You give us each day. Help us to have thankful hearts and to stop worrying about what kind of wrapping paper they are wrapped in.

You are good! And we can stand firm on that affirmation. You are Light, and in You is no darkness at all.

Please deliver us from the evil one again today, for YOURS is the Kingdom, and the power, and the glory, today and forever!



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