Demons hanging in the rafters
Darkness hides their raucous laughter
Cackling up there hideously
At the humble on his knees.
Lurking, waiting in the eaves
To attack the heart that grieves,
“Let’s get him while he’s down,” they say,
“Before he actually starts to pray.”

And in the adjoining chamber
Conspire conniving fellows three
Plotting harm against the one
Next door on bended knee.
Huddled round, speaking in whispers,
They hate him with a passion;
Let us destroy, be rid of him!
Look close; their teeth are gnashing.

They take their cue from those vile beasts
Black bats up in the rafters there,
Yellow eyes shining in the dark,
Harsh, evil lies with these three share.

Three who think them suitable pets;
That’s as crazy as it gets!
For who’s the master?Β  Who’s the slave,
Till they drag you to your grave?
They let you think that you are lord,
Doing their bidding, evil hoard,
Fangs are bared and evil eyes stare
And you don’t know that they are there.

Chaos erupts as others like you
Do what the demons want you to
Then they whisper, Blame it on God;
He wasn’t doing what He should.
More lies, your spirit is distraught
Into their viewpoint you have bought.

The kneeling man’s prayers reach the skies;
He gives his cares to God then sighs
In faith He praises God Who stands
Ready to signal with His Hand.
He lives in the praises of His people,
Not in a building with a steeple.
Then suddenly His light breaks through
Scattering bats, and not a few.
Their screeches show they hate the light
Of HIM who comes to make things right!
Contrast black wings ‘gainst brilliant ray
As lying evil flies away!

Light comes, and darkness has to go
Love scoops His child up in His arm
Strong and tender, His face aglow.
Heart calms, peace comes, no more alarm
His trusting child his Savior knows
The panic of a while ago
Releases fear of vanished swarm
For God has guarded him from harm.


14 thoughts on “Rescue

  1. The line about getting him before he prays! I’ve been working on a side writing project and I totally relate to this! *I’ve been working my way trying to catch up with others so you’ll see quite a bit from me πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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