Worship with me #35

Welcome back to Worship with me! God is worthy of our praise!  Please join me in recognizing how great He is!

Thank You, Lord, for being so kind to us! Lord, compared to You who are so big and vast, we are like little specks before You. And yet we are specks that You love dearly, specks that You value and cherish greatly, specks that You created in Your image.

And Lord, compared to the eternity past in which You have already always existed, our lives are so brief, and yet so precious to You.

How amazing it is that You, Lord, even notice us, specks that we are! How much more amazing it is that You care about us and love us.

How awesome it is that You came to earth as one of us

to save us from our sin and its consequences! 

The infinite Creator took on the tiny (in comparison) body of one of His creations.  Wow!  How mind boggling for us, Lord!

Help us to be

  • “specks” cleansed by the blood of Christ, the Lamb,
  • “specks” reflecting Your Light,
  • joining together in unity with all the other believing “specks” that are also reflecting Your Light.

Help us all to shine together so that those still in the darkness will see the light, believe on You, and glorify You as their Father in Heaven.



12 thoughts on “Worship with me #35

  1. Amen! Lord, You’re always good to me even in my bad days. I thank You, Lord, for bringing me through another week and I thank You for my sister Ruth always.

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    1. Thank you, Lord, for my dear friends like Diana who praise You with me and lift me up in prayer! Thank You that we are precious in Your sight, not by our own merits but because of Your unconditional love, grace, and mercy! Praise You, Lord, for You are good, and Your mercy endures forever!

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  2. Amen!!! Glory to the eternal one. The strength of Israel. The Amen! The King forever. The immortal, invisible and ONLY wise God. Who ALL understanding and wisdom belong to. Who is great and greatly to be praised! Great it our God! Oh God, you knew me before I was born. You created me. You formed me. You know me more than I know myself. Most times I feel very heartbroken when I don’t do what you’ve called me to do. When I don’t walk upright, or say the pleasant words in my speech. When I don’t please you, and yet you still love me amidst my flaws that you are daily removing from this vessel through your refining and transforming power by your Holy Spirit. Have you mighty God and forgive us our trespasses. Oh God, help us to TRULY repent and not fictitiously repent and go back to sinning presumptuously. Let us stop deceiving ourselves and run to you in Jesus name Amen.

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    1. Amen, Lord! You are truly Wonderful! Thank You for the joy You give us as we praise You and for the added blessing of praising You with our sisters in Christ! Thank You, Lord, for Tammy and her love for You! Please pour out Your blessings on her and lift her up and uphold her by Your mighty right hand! In Jesus’s name I ask it,

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