Worship with me #37

Thank You, Lord Jesus, that You absorbed the bitter punishment for my sin. As You hung up there on the cross, all my sins and the sins of the whole world were laid on You. The physical and spiritual and even mental agony must have been terrible. For You, who knew no sin, became sin for us.

Thank You, Lord, for going through the torment that I deserved on my behalf. Thank You that You did not run from it but willingly submitted Your will to the will of the Father.

And now my sins are paid for, in full! I believe it! For even when I feel that I’m not enough, I know for sure that YOU are enough!

So, when the accuser of the bretheren comes and tells me what a failure I am, I don’t have to be discouraged or depressed, because even though I have failed, You paid dearly to redeem me.Β  The accuser wants to cripple me, to disable me, but You, Lord, reach down in Your grace and pick me up! You give me strength to continue on. You make me worthy even when I am not.

You are ready and willing to forgive me whenever I humble myself before You in confession. Even if the accuser hates me, I don’t need to worry about it, because You love me, and that is enough.

You are my Glory! You lift up my head. You look at me with love and favor through the sacrifice of Your Son.

I don’t deserve it, but You offer it freely.

I surrender to You, Lord, the discouragement that has been clinging to my heart today and dragging me down so I can’t serve You like You want me to. You are my God, and I worship You. You are worthy of all my praise!

You are my Hope!

You are my Peace!

Thank You, Lord!

18 thoughts on “Worship with me #37

  1. Amen!!!! Yesss!!!! Thank you Lord Jesus! You are my everything! I’m nothing without you! You are always there for me. You never leave. If I go into the sea. There you are with me! On the days when I feel like I can’t carry on you always give me the strength through your Word to carry on! You are the lifer up of my head. We are inseparable from you Oh Lord. Oh God forgive us where we have sinned against you. We need more of you everyday. We need MORE! Thank you Jesus! You are my friend forever. Glory!

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  2. Thank you for sharing your beautiful worship prayers for us to read and fellowship with you Ruth! Amen to worship #37!

    Thank you Lord for sweet Christian brothers and sisters and the fact that we get to worship and praise You together!!! You are awesome and worthy to be praised!!

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