Doggie Lessons on Thankfulness

We adopted our dog as an already 11 year old whose prior owner could no longer take care of her.Β  20181121_124151_Burst01

This came with perks – she is already potty trained! Yay!Β  😊
She also doesn’t chew on things, and she is quick to obey.

However, she also had apparently received some not-so-desirable training.

She seems to think that anytime a dish is being scraped, it is being scraped for her! But her aged digestive system cannot handle such things anymore.

She can be all the way upstairs and hear me scraping a dish in the kitchen or opening a can, and down she comes to see what I’ve got for HER!

And the few times that I have given her scraps that I thought she could handle just makes her more sure that it’s all for her!

But, as my daughter pointed out, don’t we do the same thing to God? He gives and gives and gives in His grace. And instead of being grateful and resting at His feet in contentment, we keep on wanting more and more and more.

Then, when He wisely says that what we’re asking for would not be good for us, we are disappointed and sometimes even go so far as to be angry. Forgetting all the other times that He blessed us with His grace, we falter in our faith, thinking that maybe He really can’t or that He doesn’t really love us.

Well, we really do care about our dog, and God really does care about you and me.

Could it be that we need to admit to ourselves that we are a little bit spoiled and that we need to confess that as a sin, asking for God’s forgiveness, and choosing to be grateful instead?

That may not make us happy enough to “wag our tail”, but it will give us the peace and joy that helps us curl up and rest at the feet of the Master! πŸ˜ƒ

We really do care about our dog, and God really does care about you and me!

We CAN do good things for our dog, but we are wise enough to know that giving her certain things would not be good for her.

Let’s believe that God is even better and wiser and more caring toward us than we are toward our pets.

Let’s remember all the good things He has already done for us and be thankful!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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