Worship with me #38

Thank You, Lord, that all over the world Your Spirit is moving, as the waters cover the sea. You aren’t just moving a little bit here and a little bit there. You are moving immeasurably, beyond all that we can even imagine!

Just because we don’t hear about it on the news or on social media doesn’t mean that it isn’t happening. You are great and greatly to be praised! We believe it, Lord!

You don’t need to consult with us or ask our advice or permission to do all the wonderful things You do. You are perfectly and infinitely wise, and whatever intelligence or wisdom that we have is so tiny that it is almost invisible in contrast to the vastness of Your wisdom. When we try to help You out and tell You what You should be doing, I wonder if You laugh at how silly it sounds, like parents who laugh at the funny things their little children say. Thank You that You love us in spite of the nonsensical things we do and say.

Lord, You are more than just a far-reaching influence in this world. You are intimately acquainted with all of Your children, no matter where they are. You see them in the city, in the masses and crazy traffic, in the mountains, on the seashore, in the middle of the vast plains, in the desert, or in the jungle, everywhere your children dwell, You are there with them, working to answer prayers and to strengthen us to serve You. You are in every place drawing us to know You more.

Thank You that You are a God who sees and that You watch over us because of Your caring and loving heart toward us. Thank You that no matter where we are, Your Spirit connects us with Your precious love. We can be talking on the phone or internet from one continent to another, and Your Spirit spans the space in between us and makes it as though we were right next to each other. Why is that so hard for us to believe that, Lord? We believe that sound and pictures can be transmitted over the airwaves. Are You not greater than the science that You created? Yes! A thousand times yes!ย  You are amazing!


We praise You, Lord!!


23 thoughts on “Worship with me #38

  1. Amen! Praise God!

    God, I thank You for directing my path, for never leaving me without guidance even if it’s a light situation. You’re the same, yesterday, today, always forever. I rejoice in the fact that I can always run into Your loving arms for comfort. You’ll always be worthy of all the praise.

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  2. GLORY, GLORY, GLORY! OH GOD THERE IS NONE LIKE YOU! Oh God help me to keep my eyes on you. God at times I feel so burden and weary but you always come and comfort me with your living one that you are my help and you will continue to uphold me with the right hand of your RIGHTEOUSNESS! I love you Lord and our burning desire as your children is to please you and to become more like you and for the harvesting of souls to come to know you as their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! We thank you for doing it Lord in advance for your perfect plan has already been established and there is NOTHING too hard for you to do for THOU ART GOD AND GOD ALONE! WORTHY IS THE ETERNAL AND HOLY LAMB OF GOD! AMEN! I LOVE YOU JESUS! AMEN! GLORY!

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