Worship with me #46

Welcome to Worship with me!  Would you join me in praying this prayer?

Oh Lord, You are my Lord and my God, and I will seek You earnestly.  When I rise up in the morning, You are there!  As I walk through each day, You are with me!  And as I yawn away those last few minutes before sleep overcomes me, You hold me tight and give me joy in Your presence.  All through the night You surround me with Your love and peace and protection, and You wake me up offering new mercies each day!

I praise You, for great is Your faithfulness!  Wonderful Lord, my soul longs to know You more.  Thank You for always staying with me!  Thank You that You never change, and You never break Your promises!  Thank You for cleansing me and making my heart Your sanctuary.

I’m sorry for sometimes grieving You, but thank You for forgiving me each time I confess and repent and come back to focusing on You.

Thank You that You are still there, longing to be sought after and found!  How amazing that You would love me so much and be so patient with me!  I find such joy in Your loving Presence!  Hold me tight, please.  I want to stay close to You always and bless Your holy name forever!



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