Worship with me #47

Bless the Lord, oh my soul, for He is good, and His unconditional, covenant love endures forever!

What a joy to know, Lord, that You love and delight in Your children, that You love and delight in me! It is purely through Your grace and mercy that I can be accepted by You!

Praise the Lord, oh my soul, for what a gift you have received!

Thank You, Lord, that Your gifts of love and delight, of peace and joy, of kindness and goodness are just that, gifts. They are undeserved gifts. We cannot earn them. They are not rewards, but gifts. We humbly accept them today.

Thank You for the availability of Your mercy and patience toward us! You have made them available through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, who satisfied Your holy justice through His perfect, holy sacrifice of Himself for our sins, once and for all. Because of Him, we can be forgiven!

Thank You that through Jesus, our mediator, we have access to Your very throne room, to receive grace and mercy in time of need, and indeed, even to simply kneel before You in worship! You are worthy of all praise and honor and glory forever!

We praise You, Lord!



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