Clean Sanctuaries

The other day I took all the dog hair laundry, made a bundle of it, and hurriedly threw it down the basement stairs, almost to the laundry room, and promptly forgot about it because I was too busy with other things.

A little later I went down and found that someone had picked it up; nice, but instead of putting it in a laundry basket, of which there are plenty, they had plopped the whole thing down on the recliner where I sit to have my quiet time and write.

I’m ashamed to say that I was angry!  My thinking went something like this: Our house is plenty big, and of all the places available, why did they have to put the dirty laundry in the one place that is about as sacred as it gets for me in this dwelling?

The guilty culprit insisted on not knowing, but now knows, so hopefully neither of us will go down that road again.

In rethinking this unpleasant happening after the fact, I was still silently bemoaning the defiling of my sanctuary when the Lord spoke to my heart with His still, small voice.

(Sigh. Um, yes Lord?)

He reminded me that my heart is His sanctuary and that, as a matter of fact, my whole body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.

When I indulge the flesh in various ways and pollute His temple with the results of sin, I grieve Him.

Sorry, Lord.

  • About my anger…, yes,
  • And overindulging in sugar, putting myself at risk for diabetes,
  • And fretting and stressing, which are scientifically proven to produce a stress hormone that is physically damaging.

I can’t even say that I don’t know. I do. But I still mess up.

If the Lord got as angry with me about defiling His temple, as I did about my sanctuary being dirtied, I would be doomed!

It’s a good thing that He is perfect in His love and mercy for me and that He is willing to clean up the inner mess when I repent!  I could never hope to get it as clean as He wants it, but because of Jesus’ sacrifice for me, I can be forgiven and He personally cleanses me!

So, I guess now is the best time to start working on this cleanup, so both my sanctuary and God’s temple can be comfortable for each of us to dwell in again.

And praise God that some day we will dwell with Him in a heavenly sanctuary that will never become defiled!

What about you?

Do you have a sanctuary/secret place at your house?  If so, where is it, and how do you want others to treat it?

Also, does this spark a bit of motivation in you to make any changes?


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9 thoughts on “Clean Sanctuaries

  1. I LOVE THIS! I love the beautiful reminder He is where we walk. He is always with us because the important place He goes, we can go, too. May we enter this place more with Him. And praise His name for allowing us and understanding us in our hurts and imperfections! ❤

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  2. Thank you, T.R.! Praise the Lord that He is always with us! I like what you said in your comment: “the important place He goes, we can go, too.” I think we sometimes get so proud and forget who is God and who is not, and we think more in terms of Him going with us instead of us going with Him. We have so much to learn. And yes, praise God that He understands our weaknesses and leads us gently to Himself, which is where we really need to be!


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