Worship with me #48

Dear Lord,

Thank You that You are God on peaceful days, when life is calm. Thank You that You are still God on our frenzied days, when life is hectic and we are overwhelmed! Thank You that You are God in the country and God in the city. You are God when we are single or newly married, and You are still God when we have a few kids running around with more energy than we can muster to keep up with them. Lord, in all the changes of our lives, You NEVER change!

You are with us always, giving us peace in the storm, joy on the journey, faith in the frenzy, stability when our world is shaken, love when no one else seems to care for us, patience when we’ve failed again! Thank You for Your kindness toward us!

And thank You, Lord, for rest and relaxation, for Sabbath rest, which You knew we’d need, for holidays and vacations and Spring Breaks! Forgive us for not always resting when we should, for not honoring You by taking care of our body which is Your temple, when Christ dwells in us. Please help us to rest when we should so we can serve You in good health. For You are worthy of our worship, service, and praise! Help us to glorify You in all we say and do. Amen.

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