Worship with me #49

Hello! Welcome to Worship with me! I hope all is well with you! Won’t you please join me in this prayer of worship? And if you would like to add to it, please feel free to add worship and praise for our God in the comments!

We praise You, Lord, for inviting us to bow before You in surrender and worship, for You know that that is the safest and most peaceful place for us to be.

Lord, we admit that sometimes, in the past, we have been foolish enough to think of being in this place more as an obligation than a privilege accorded us by Your merciful invitation. We got all bound up in the have-to’s and missed out on the sweetness of Your loving Presence.

Of course, You know, Lord, that we’re not downplaying our need to humble ourselves before You, nor our need to be forgiven, nor Your commands to do that which You have ordained for us to do – “Be holy, as I am Holy.”

But Lord, we praise You because You meant for it to be so much more than that!

You did not intend for us just to have some distant relationship with You where we acknowledge Your existence from afar and give a symbolic nod in Your direction before continuing on our own way, hoping we will be able to do enough good things to please You.

But rather, You wanted us to have early morning chats with You, with or without coffee.

You wanted us to sit with You and ask Your help and direction each time we write our to-do list for the day or week or month.

You wanted to give us a song in our heart so we can sing praises to You all through our waking hours, whether we’re driving to work, playing with the kids, washing dishes, or doing other routine chores.

You wanted us to listen to You and receive inspiration from You.

You wanted us to be aware of Your loving Presence as we drop off to sleep at night.

In short, Lord, You want to have a super-close relationship with us.

Please forgive us for our foolishness; please enlighten us and chase away the lies we’ve believed. Teach us and give us of Your wisdom that we may know You better and love You more.

Help us to walk through each day, remembering Your presence, paying attention to all the clues You give us to remind us that You’re there, and giving You praise from a grateful heart.

For You have blessed us so much; and the greatest blessing You’ve given us is You!

Thank You, Lord!



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