Bouncing Back from Unmet Expectations

Brittany communicates SO WELL how that God chose us to bear fruit.

When we feel overwhelmed by a sense of failure, we need to ask Him to give us a glimpse of the fruit He is producing in and through us. We need to remember that the important thing is the fruit, not fame, fortune, followers, Facebook friends and other things we may get bent out of shape over. Check out her post; you’ll be glad you did! 🙂


Bouncing Back From Unmet Expectations - Sometimes the problem is not the expectations. Sometimes the problem is instead perspective. #bounceback #bouncingback #inspiration #motivation #faith

So you did it all. You did all the things life suggested. You researched. You planned. You worked. You prayed, and you waited. You set your expectations high. You set your faith high.

And it all fell apart. The more you gave. The more life took. You persevered. You kept going, and life kept taking until all you had left was the shell of the person you used to be. Then, and only then, did you finally admit defeat. You failed. Even worse, God failed you. Your faith waned into disappointment from your reality versus your expectation.

Bouncing back involves taking a real hard look at why. What are you trying to accomplish? #bouncingback #expectations #highexpectations #goals

You proceeded to give up on all of it – your plan, yourself, and your God. As you laid without strength in the middle of your unmet expectations, you heard the still, small Voice tell you to get up.

Your first line of defense was to argue, but before you could muster an…

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