Worship with me #50

Hello! Welcome back to Worship with me! I’d love to have to you pray this prayer with me and to add on whatever additional praise that God lays on your heart! Feel free to leave praises for God in the comment section.

Dear Lord,

I praise You, for You have given me my heart’s desire! Even when I didn’t know what my heart’s desire was, You knew, and You were already working on taking me on the journey to joy.

You knew that even though I would be distracted by so many things along the way, in the end, what I really desired was true love.

You knew that I would only find that true love in You because no human being is able to love another perfectly like You are able.

I praise You for Your perfect love!

Your love is:

  • faithful,
  • never-ending,
  • patient and true,
  • kind and gentle,
  • strong and protective,
  • generous, even lavish!

I truly do not deserve that kind of love, for I am broken and flawed. But Your love is without conditions. You knew before You gave it what I would be like from point A to point B, and You gave it anyway, because Your love does not require me to earn it. You give it as a gift!

Your love does not require me to earn it.

You give it as a gift!

I am humbled and thankful for Your gift of love, Lord.

Thanks so much! Help me to be more like You.

In Jesus’ name,


13 thoughts on “Worship with me #50

  1. Amen. Thank you for sharing this beautiful prayer. For the past few days, my focus has been thanking Him for life, love, and purpose.

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