Worship with me #55

Hello! Welcome to Worship with me!ย  For those of you who are fairly new to the blog, I’ve been doing these worship posts fairly regularly for over a year. I find that focusing on positive aspects of God, His relationship with His children, and things I have to be thankful for help pull my mind and heart back out of the negativity that I sometimes “fall into” as I go through the normal and abnormal trials and tribulations of life. I hope that these prayers and reflections will help you also! ๐Ÿ™‚

Won’t you pray with me?

Lord, I thank You that you have given usย beauty to behold on this earth!

  • Spring flowers,
  • Blue skies,
  • Parks,
  • Scenic views,
  • Lakes and the ocean,
  • Beautiful architecture,
  • Babies,
  • Pets, and
  • Even nice cars!

I thank You that even when our hearts are filled with sadness, even when we are in pain, even when no one seems to care or even notice us, YOU care, YOU notice us, and You give us the ability to focus on Your love and all the good things You have blessed us with!

Thank You that even when we wonder how long and why we haven’t been completely healed yet, after all this time, Your Presence surrounds us, Your love uplifts us, You carry us through and give us the best gift ever, the Gift of Yourself!

Thank You for providing our every need, whether physical, spiritual, psychological, or emotional.

Lord, please forgive us for so often allowing our thoughts to go for too long down the negative paths. Please keep on redirecting our thoughts and our hearts to the Beauty of Yourself, You who are perfect in Your holiness, You who love us perfectly, unconditionally, and completely, You who are able to carry us through, to bring us through to the other side of our trial. We are so easily led to disbelieve these things or just to be no longer aware. Please rescue us and keep on bringing us back to a heart of worship.

For You are worthy of all our praise!

Thank You for Your precious, perfect love for each of us, and that You are always by our side!


18 thoughts on “Worship with me #55

  1. Amen! Praise God that He keeps our minds from falling into despair when those negative thoughts try to consume us. His beauty and His presence are always with us! Blessings to you today also!

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