Worship with me #56

Hello, everyone!  How are you today?

Welcome to Worship with me!  God is so great that we could worship Him forever and never run out of things for which to praise Him!  Won’t you take a moment to still your heart and join me today in lifting up this prayer of worship to Him?

Oh, Lord, You’re beautiful!  Everything about You is beautiful!

  • Your love,
  • Your patience,
  • Your joy, which You share with us freely,
  • Your peace,
  • Your kindness,
  • Your compassion,
  • Your goodness,
  • Your faithfulness to keep Your covenant promises to Your children,
  • Your gentleness,
  • Your truth, Lord,
  • Your mercy,
  • Your justice,
  • Your amazing grace,
  • Your forgiveness,
  • Your hope,
  • Your wisdom,
  • Your Light,
  • Your power,
  • Your protection,
  • Your presence,
  • Your eternal Being!

Thank You, Lord!

There is nothing about You that isn’t Wonderful!

What an amazing privilege You’ve given us to know You and to be known by You!

Praises be to You, Lord, now and forever!



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