Who Knows Everything

My oldest daughter recently told me a cute story. Her daughter came home from Sunday School not too long ago and said, “Mom, today we learned that God knows everything(Pause) I guess that means that I don’t know everything. But I know a LOT of things!” LOL

It’s so cute coming from a 4-year-old. Of course, when we get past childhood and still think that we know so much, it’s not so cute anymore.

God wants us to have a teachable spirit for our whole lives!  We should never stop trying to learn, especially about God and His will for us.

Let’s face it, we will never get to the place where we know everything there is to know, even if we live to be 100 years old.

I find that the older I get, the more God shows me that I don’t know everything. And the older I get, the more He teaches me that I need Him.

I needed Him all along, but as long as I was thinking that I could do it by myself, I didn’t realize that I needed Him as much as I actually did.

I have to admit that I did not learn very many things the easy way. I lived a few decades of learning things the hard way before I finally put my foot down and decided that I wanted to learn things in as easy a way as God was willing to teach me! But even then it is sometimes hard.

But when the lesson is finally learned, I wonder why I fought it so hard, because it was a great lesson, and I am glad for the knowledge and wisdom that I have gained from it all!

I think that I have made the lessons that I have had to learn much harder than they needed to be by having a negative attitude about them,

  • an “I can’t do this” attitude,
  • an “I don’t want to” attitude,
  • a stop-the-train-I-want-to-get-off” attitude.

But as I mentioned in my post a month ago, I don’t really have the energy nor the time to waste on complaining, arguing with God, or any other sort of negative attitude. There is so much to do and so little time to do it.

God has purposed for me to do supernatural things; I can’t do them in my own strength, nor with my own knowledge, which never seems to be big enough to figure it all out.

I have to stop leaning on my own understanding and start leaning every time on Him who knows and understands everything.

When He puts me through more training sessions that I feel I did not sign up for, I need to say,  “Yes sir! Which way, Lord? When, Lord? How, Lord? Help me please, Lord!  Please show me the way.”

Anything less is complaining.

Anything else grieves our Holy God.

Anything else is the opposite of worship, and in fact, is self-worship or other-worship, otherwise known as idolatry.

Anything else is squirming and trying to get out of his loving grasp.  Fortunately, He won’t let us go.  (John 10:28-30)

Anything else is thinking I know more than Him, which when I put it in so many words, I really know that I don’t.

Anything else is a waste of time and energy, since who ever heard of anyone winning an argument with God?

Lord, please forgive us for our sin of pride and for withholding the worship which is due You.  Please help us to humbly surrender to You each time You send us on a mission or try to teach us a lesson that You know we’re going to need to know somewhere down the line. Just because we don’t understand today all the why’s and wherefore’s, doesn’t mean that You don’t have a wonderful purpose for the lessons that You are trying to teach us. And, Lord, You know our hearts, and You know that many of us really do want to say “yes” and not to struggle against Your will. Help us to realize if we start arguing with You and to change course, so we don’t waste time and energy that should be used to walk in obedience to Your perfect will for us, and so that You will be exalted.  For You are the Sovereign Lord forever!  Amen.


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