Change the World, Part 1

The other day we were in the car listening to the Voices of Lee singing their challenge. What if our only job in this life was to change this world for the better?

Wait! Isn’t that a large part of what worshiping and serving God is about?

Jesus told us to shine our light in the darkness so they would see our good works and glorify our Father in Heaven. (Matthew 5:16)

He told us to be salt to bring flavor and preserve goodness.

He told us to love one another, even to love our enemies!

Just as light has power to chase away darkness, even so love has the power to chase away hatred!

Jesus said that peacemakers are blessed.

What do you think?

What does God want you and me to do or be today to bring about change in our world?

What can we do in each situation to leave a place and a person better than when we found them?

Any ideas?

9 thoughts on “Change the World, Part 1

  1. So so so much!! The Lord truly wants us to discover His will and purpose for our “everyday” lives. While in Sunday School this morning a couple of “deacons in training” pulled me to the side and began asking me about gifts and talents, particularly how a person discovers what theirs are. What amazed me about this entire exchange was the fact that these gentlemen were my elders, yet they didn’t fully know what their gifts were. It saddened me at the same time because I realized the many other people in church who don’t know what God has them here to do. We’re so busy “doing church” and many never truly discover how to “do God’s will.”

    But as saddened as I was, I became equally excited because the Lord gave me a glimpse of a hunger for His righteousness and thirst to discover His will for their lives. Thanks for this message! My prayer is that the Lord would stir the hearts of His people, turning them fully to Him, and give them an unquenchable and unshakable desire to align with and walk in His perfect will!!


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    1. I agree with you in this prayer! Praise God for these men’s desire to learn and for their humility and the courage to ask counsel!
      Yes, there is a certain sadness when we have grieved the Holy Spirit by our lack of seeking Him. But praise be to God for reigniting the flame of our first love for Him! May He be glorified!

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