David Ring, serving God with Cerebral Palsy

This year at the last rally at International Student Convention (as I explained here,) we had an amazing speaker named David Ring. In his words, his journey has been that of cerebral palsy, but his story is:

“I am blessed!”

The way God has worked in and through his life is amazing! Normally people with CP don’t live past the age of about 30, but he is 65 years old, married, with children, and still speaking in public, in spite of all his difficulties, and delivering very moving and inspiring messages!

During his sermon that last night, he explained to us that instead of getting a drink of water while he speaks, which he is unable to do alone, he uses a wet washcloth to wipe his lips. He said five or six times, “I’m thirsty, but I cannot get a drink of water. I need someone to help me.”

After about two times I started wondering if maybe he was asking somebody to help him. After three or four times I was pretty sure he might be asking for help, and I wanted to go up and help him.

But doubts filled my mind. I’ve been told that I’m not totally socially aware, so I wondered if I was mistaken. If I was mistaken and walked up in front of the crowd of over 1,500 people I would be embarrassed. So I stayed seated.

What happened next was pretty amazing! A young teenage boy got up and walked up on the stage.

Brother David thanked him, and he walked the young man through the steps that he needed to do to help Brother David get a drink of water. The young man was so sweet; he was almost in tears.

Then the speaker asked us, “How many of you wanted to get up and come and help me?”

Quite a few of us raised our hands.

Then he asked us,

“Why didn’t you?”

After that he challenged us, asking us if we we’re doing everything we can for God and His kingdom with everything He has given us.

For me that was a no-brainer. Does anybody really do everything they can for God? Perhaps some people do, but I know I’ve been remiss lately.

When he gave the altar call, the altar could not contain all of the people coming down and getting on their knees before the Lord, talking to Him about missed opportunities and the desire to do better from now on.

The Holy Spirit took the message of this amazing man and worked mightily in so many hearts, including mine!

Like Brother David said,

“If God can use a man like me, with cerebral palsy, He can use anybody.”

So, I’ll pass on his challenge on to you, dear readers:

Are you doing everything you can for God with everything He has given you?

If not, why not?

And how can you do better in the future?


21 thoughts on “David Ring, serving God with Cerebral Palsy

  1. Thank you for sharing. I have realized in my own life that is the lack of boldness, courage and also thinking about what people will say or do discourages me from yielding to God.

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    1. Yes, Ama, I understand. May the Lord give us the courage to yield to Him! What He thinks of us is so much more important than what others think! People can be so fickle! But God never changes! Praise God for His love and for second chances to do better next time! 🙂

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