Worship with me #58

Lord, I Thank You for this day, for my family and friends, for our home, and for a car that runs every time I try to start it. Thank You for clean water and grocery stores full of fresh produce and all the food we need to be healthy.

Lord, sometimes we take all Your gifts for granted, and we sin in doing so. We’re sorry. Thank you that You forgive us when we come to You confessing our sin.

You have given us so many gifts, and sometimes, truth be told, we don’t appreciate them because we feel that we were somehow entitled to them, or like the gifts are old news, and we are ready to move on to newer and more exciting gifts.

But we are not entitled.

They are gifts, not rewards.

Please forgive us for our selfishness and pride.

Thank You, Lord, for our eyesight.Β  We acknowledge that every good gift and every perfect gift is from You, the Giver.

Thank You that You create both the seeing and the blind, and that all of us are valuable to You.

You do not love the seeing more than You love the blind nor the healthy more than the unhealthy or vice versa! You show no partiality.

Thank You for our hearing and for enough health to be able to get up and about and serve You. Thank You for warm summer rains that cool things off and make it more enjoyable to go out on a summer day. Thank You for the garden and all that is growing there.

Thank You for moments alone with You, moments of quiet and stillness, of feeling Your presence and Your peace and Your love.

Please fill us with Your Spirit, Lord, and help us to walk with You for Your glory.Β  For You are worthy of our praise!

In Jesus name, Amen.


21 thoughts on “Worship with me #58

  1. It’s true I often forget to thank but always remember the things that are troubling me. God The Father is so Good and merciful, i read somewhere β€œIf tomorrow you wake with the things you thanked God for the day before what will you have”.

    Thank you for the great reminder. GOD bless you ma’am.

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