Funny things in life

Sometimes situations in life that are stressful end up having funny endings.

Yesterday was one of those times for me.

I went to the grocery store with a craving for double-chocolate muffins, which Udi’s brand makes a delicious gluten-free option!

At the store I found some double-chocolate gluten-free cookies that were cheaper, so I got them instead.

There was some confusion when I brought the groceries in, and by the time I went looking for the cookies, they were NOWHERE to be found!

I looked in the fridge two or three times! The same goes for the freezer, and the pantry, and the basement storage room. I went outside and checked in the car with a flashlight and checked the ground in case I had dropped them. I even checked pretty much every other room in the house that I had been in during the evening.


Nobody had seen them.

Nobody had put them away.

I went to bed.

This morning I got up and was thinking about the packaging that the cookies were in and whether someone might have thought they were something else.

Sure enough, they were up on the China cabinet where we keep the dog snacks!

Well, fortunately I was able to rescue the poor dog from consuming raw cookie dough that had been sitting out all night! Lol

I baked and ate four of those cookies, (you know, two for yesterday and two for today, right?).

They were great! Of course, the verdict is still out on whether that was actually a great idea or not! 😂 So far, so good!

Have a wonderful day trying to find the humor in hidden places!


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