Bible Lens app

Last Saturday my friend and I and our teens, with another friend, spent a few hours together at the Botanical Gardens.

While the girls fed the koi fish, my friend showed my son and me how to use a really cool app called Bible Lens.

Bible Lens_1567221786850.jpg

You take a picture, and the app will find several verses that could go with the photo. You can also suggest another verse if you have one in mind. On the fish pic above, I searched “creation” in app.

Bible Lens_1567222455753.jpg

I just installed it and started playing with it today, and I really like it! I did all the pics on this post using this app! It really wasn’t hard!

Bible Lens_1567222386365.jpg

We actually drove through the mountains today! They are so beautiful! But look! God calls something else beautiful that we tend to disdain! Think again!

Bible Lens_1567222567736.jpg

What’s your favorite photo and/or verse above?

God’s blessing on you and yours! ๐Ÿ˜Š


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32 thoughts on “Bible Lens app

        1. Um, about that… Several good verses came up, but that verse wasn’t one of them. I had to press the + then search “feet of him” and then change the translation before that one came up. ๐Ÿ™‚ But it’s still cool! It has a bunch of designs to choose from, too!

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