Garden of Righteousness and praise

For millennia a bountiful harvest has caused great rejoicing in countless communities across the globe!

Seeds planted in good soil have come to fruition, and another year of plenty to eat is at hand!

Bible Lens_1567364889583.jpg

How much greater will be our rejoicing when we see the amazing, bountiful harvest of righteousness and praise that God is working even now to produce!

I’ve considered God as the Gardener before, but this verse seems to indicate that

He is the GARDEN!

Seeds of righteousness and seeds of praise are being planted in HIM, the GARDEN, the unimaginably rich soil of Himself!

So, next time we’re tempted to be all downhearted about how bad things are in the world, let’s think about

what kind of amazing-ness is being produced under the surface of the SOIL of GOD,

and what kind of

  • huge,
  • amazing,
  • incredible

harvest that will be, a harvest of righteousness and praise!

And great will be our rejoicing!


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