Grumpy or Grace?

As our family was driving through the beautiful mountains of Tennessee a couple of years ago, we happened upon this sign. It struck me as funny that somebody would embrace their grumpiness so much that they would make a sign introducing themselves as such, so I quickly took a picture of it!20170930_103645

In the region where I live, a lot of people out in public seem to be getting more and more grumpy.  Unfortunately, sometimes these grumpy attitudes sneak into the hearts of Christians, as well.

We may not want to admit it, but truth be told, sometimes we have grumpy attitudes that we dump on others through our words and actions.

I think there are several interrelated reasons why we grumble.

  • One is the desire for control. For example, we might grump at a friend or family member who isn’t doing things the way we want them to even if their way is equally valid.
  • Secondly, we want God to do things our way instead of seeking and surrendering to His will in all our daily happenings.

Other reasons might be:

  • Lack of faith that God really has our best interests in mind,
  • Forgetting God’s great goodness and gifts in the past,
  • Mentally dwelling on our disappointments,
  • Unthankfulness,
  • Unforgiving attitudes,
  • Self-pity.

Back in June this year, I posted about how it’s a It’s a Choice to Rejoice!

It’s also a choice to be grumpy.

We can give grumpiness.

Or we can give grace.

It’s our choice.

(Of course, I wonder which one would be the most pleasing to Jesus? Hmmmm. 🤔)

Recently, at the grocery store, a cashier grumbled to me because she has to remind people to enter their phone number for their Rewards. Apparently, she is reacting to their having grumbled about her not reminding them to do it. The most gracious response I could come up with was to listen, smile kindly, and keep my mouth shut.

I sometimes grumble about unsafe actions of other drivers. I know I need to have a more gracious attitude toward them. Sometimes I am one of them! Oh, dear!

We have a choice to grump or to rejoice, to show others grumpiness or grace.

We can grump about the dog hair on the couch, or enjoy the dog’s antics and love.

We can grumble about things that we see have gone wrong at places we frequent, or we can graciously offer to be the solution.

Our birth certificate did not come with an official entitlement to have everything going the way we think it should!!

So, let’s confess our grumpy attitudes as sin and ask God for help to overcome them!

Let’s choose to remember His graciousness to us and then extend that same grace to others!

Let’s choose to believe He cares about us instead of choosing to believe the lies!

Let’s choose to want it God’s way instead of our own way!


Lord, we confess that sometimes we forget how good You’ve been to us in the past and start complaining because things aren’t going the way we want them to. You have told us to rejoice always and to die to self and to seek first YOUR kingdom. We’ve sinned against You by not obeying You in these things, and we’re sorry.

We ask You to please help us to seek You and Your will first every day. Please help us to remember Your amazing grace for us and to show that grace to others. Please fill us with Your Spirit and empower us to choose joy and graciousness and to break out of our old, bad habits.

In Jesus’s name we ask it, Amen!


26 thoughts on “Grumpy or Grace?

  1. Grumpiness is simply an immature response to ‘self’ not getting it’s way. Same attitude the Israelites had in the wilderness. Oh yeah, they died there because of their grumpiness and never entered the Promised Land of rest. Hmmm, I wonder if that is a warning for us?

    Homer Les

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    1. Yes, they were certainly a prime example of what NOT to do! And God’s displeasure with their grumbling certainly shows us that this is not some “little sin” that is “no big deal”. It really is a big deal, and we need to repent if we are guilty of it. Fortunately, Jesus died for this sin, too, and we can be forgiven when we confess it to Him.

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  2. Ruth, this was very good! I believe that sometimes grumpiness is a result of not trusting in the sovereignty of God over our lives. It isn’t always motivated by selfish motives. Sometimes it is motivated by concern over the same things God is concerned over. But, we lose perspective, and we forget that God is still on the throne, and he is still in control, and that he is working all things together for good for those who love him, and who have been called according to his purpose. And, so we need to be reminded that God has this handled, and so we need to trust him. And, we need to rest in him.

    On a lighter side, we have a local restaurant called “Grumpy Brothers.” And, so one day I asked them how they came up with that name. They said they were fighting over what to name the restaurant, so they were being grumpy, so that inspired them to name the restaurant “Grumpy Brothers.” 🙂 Now it is under new ownership, but they kept the name.

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